What have I been reading? #Dragons

Obviously I have a dragon obsession, right?

A few years ago I read a series about a generation ship that crashed on a planet and the survivors find dragons! Hot, sexy dragons. I only read the first three books years ago because that was all that was out.

But now! Over twenty books in the series. So I read them. All of them over the past two weeks. I really enjoyed them. So, dragon lovers, here is a series from a couple of years ago that bears reading if you have not.

Red Planet Dragons of Tajss! by Miranda Martin

I’m hoping there are more, lol.

This is the first book. One of three, but it spins off into the above. I hope the series is not done! I don’t believe so as the last book came out in Sept. of 2020. I will be sad to see it end though. But there are plenty of hints that it can and will continue! Yay!

The first fifteen books are in three box sets, so that is the easy way to grab them.

So, here is the link to the first book. It explains how the ship ends up crashing on Tajss.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Planet-Dragons-Tajss-Book-Zero-ebook/dp/B07XQJ9JT3/

It is in Kindle Unlimited so that is how I was able to get all of them so quickly. Otherwise it would be bread and soup for me! lol.

Grab them, enjoy!

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