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Holiday Fake-out
By Various Authors
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Secret Shifters of Spokane
By Selena Scott
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Historical Romance – $.99

Enter the world of the most notorious gambling den in London, where matches are made… unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON’S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives… and loves.

Mrs. Dove-Lyon, proprietor of the Lyon’s Den, London’s notorious gaming hell, has recently had dealings with three new clients:

Miss Harriet Hurst, who cannot see a thing without her spectacles and who has an unfortunate aversion to strong perfume, is in search of a husband. Her proposal, however, is a little unorthodox.

Ambrose Crossley, fifth Earl of Pendlewood, an upstanding and respected member of the ton, is in search of a wife. His quest, however, is not quite as straightforward as it seems.

Edward Fortescue, Viscount Eskdale, aka the Fallen Angel of Mayfair, has no desire to marry at all. His request is somewhat unusual.

Being a shrewd business woman, Mrs. Dove-Lyon reckons she can satisfy all their needs in one fell swoop. It will require a little bit of subterfuge, a fair amount of manipulation, and a whole heap of good intentions. But, if the gamble pays off, a happy ending for all is assured. The game starts out well, with everything going exactly as planned. But, just as things seem to be reaching a satisfactory conclusion, a tragic secret emerges from the past. The consequences are heartbreaking. The game, it seems, is up.

Or is it?

True love never surrenders without a fight. And time, it is said, heals all wounds. Maybe there’s still a chance for happiness, after all.

Other Lyon’s Den Books
Into the Lyon’s Den by jade Lee
The Scandalous Lyon by Maggi Andersen
Fed to the Lyon by Mary Lancaster
The Lyon’s Lady Love by Alexa Aston
The Lyon’s Laird by Hildie McQueen
The Lyon Sleeps Tonight – by Elizabeth Ellen Carter
A Lyon in Her Bed by Amanda Mariel
Fall of the Lyon by Chasity Bowlin
Lyon’s Prey by Anna St. Claire
Loved by the Lyon by Collette Cameron
The Lyon’s Den in Winter by Whitney Blake
Kiss of the Lyon by Meara Platt
Always the Lyon Tamer by Emily E K Murdoch
To Tame the Lyon by Sky Purington
The Lyon’s Surprise by Meara Platt
How to Steal a Lyon’s Fortune by Alanna Lucas
A Lyon’s Pride by Emily Royal
Lyon Eyes by Lynne Connolly
Lyon Hearted by Jade Lee

Cover for 'The Boss (Carfano Crime Family Book 2)'

The Boss (Carfano Crime Family Book 2)
by Rebecca Gannon
Abrianna was the light in my dark world. An angel I never deserved. I wanted to give her forever, but she was never mine to keep. Being together has the potential to destroy the both of us and the family names we bear, but she’s still mine, and I’ll be damned if I give her up a second time.

**Free On Kindle Unlimited!**


Cover for 'Inked Kingdom'
Inked Kingdom
by Carrie Ann Ryan
I fell for Sarina the moment I saw her. When the Kingdom tore her from me, I promised revenge. My claim was forfeit the moment she ran, but now I will follow. I will find her. I will earn her. And I will burn the world if they dare touch her. Again.

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Cover for 'Stone (Stone Cold Fox Trilogy Book 1)'
Stone (Stone Cold Fox Trilogy Book 1)
by Max Monroe
This movie was the biggest break of my career. But from the moment Officer Levi Fox gave me a speeding ticket, he’s been nothing but a thorn in my side. But as the Cold, Montana Police Department’s official movie liaison, he’s taken up a permanent place in my life. We fight. A lot. Then, we kiss—and my carefully crafted hate toward him no longer feels so much like hate.



Cover for 'Tempting Ivy (Damaged Souls Golden Hearts Book 2)'
Tempting Ivy (Damaged Souls Golden Hearts Book 2)
by Amy J. Heart
Okay, so the sexy dirty-mouthed rocker is the hottest thing on two legs. I’m ten years older, an artist, and want to be taken seriously. Nico’s life is a mess! But every time he touches me, I lose my mind and get whiplash. Yes. No. Yes! What do I want? Not him in my life, that’s for sure. Grrr. I wish he’d stop tempting me. But he won’t. Help!

  Kindle    Apple    Kobo    Nook    Goog


Cover for 'Darkwells Academy: The Curse Begins'
Darkwells Academy: The Curse Begins
by Terina Adams
Hot guys. Dangerous magic. Dark secrets. What more could a girl want? Two things I know for sure: Being single sucks. The zombie who tried to kill me was real. And now I’m stuck back at a magical school without an ability… Until a very secretive, powerful, and hot vampire takes it upon himself to train me.

**Free On Kindle Unlimited!**


Cover for 'Samson's Lovely Mortal'
Samson’s Lovely Mortal
by Tina Folsom
Samson is a vampire with a problem: he can’t get it up anymore. That is, until the human woman Delilah, running from an attacker, literally falls into his arms. Suddenly there’s nothing wrong with his equipment. But things aren’t as simple as they look, because now he has a new problem: how to confess to Delilah that he’s a vampire who wants her blood.

  Kindle    Apple    Kobo    Nook    Google  


Cover for 'A Kiss For Halloween'
A Kiss For Halloween
by A.M. Vivienne
It’s Halloween. Nurse Willow Scott is creating a haunted house for the kids at Redford Hospital. Volunteer Omar Sterling is helping Willow with the haunted house. Willow thinks Omar could be the one until his ex-girlfriend shows up demanding Willow back off. Will Willow realize she loves Omar? Is Omar willing to fight for Willow?

  Kindle    Apple    Kobo    Nook  


Cover for 'Mr. H.O.A.'
Mr. H.O.A.
by Carina Taylor
It’s just bad business to admit to being homeless when you’re the top-selling real estate agent in the county. So when a fellow evictee, Nola, comes up with a solution to my homeless situation, I take her up on her offer. An empty house with a gorgeous roommate? Sign me up. I didn’t know that staying at her friend’s house would lead to us pretending to be married…

  Kindle    Apple    Kobo    Nook    Google  


Cover for 'Falling for the Forbidden Earl'
Falling for the Forbidden Earl
by Beatrice Hill
When Layla and Christopher are brought together after an accident, she has no choice but to get to know him better. He might not be the beast society says he is, but he’s no saint. As she tries to give him the benefit of the doubt and win a chance at happiness in return, a new revelation will come to light; one that will challenge everything she thought she knew.

**Free On Kindle Unlimited!**


Cover for 'Lords of Scandal'
Lords of Scandal
by Tammy Andresen
When six beautiful debutantes accidentally stumble into the seedy gaming hell known as the Den of Sins, Lady Emily Chase is certain no good can come from this. Even more distressing, the men who run the establishment are lords of good standing in disguise. But worst of all…their leader is none other than her fiancée. All hell is about to break loose.

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