Going Slow! From me to you #apeekatmylife

I picked up a tummy bug. Ugh. Hopefully it will only be a 24 hour disruption. I’ll sit still.

Well, other than that, it’s been good. We’re almost done with girl scouts. We have a bike trip coming up and a bridging ceremony for our Daisy’s to change to Brownies. They are all excited. A bunch will also be going to Girl Scout Day at Miller Stadium to see the Brewers. They love anything that will get them a badge, lol.

I’m slowly writing. Broken Prince Charming is coming along. I’m still determined to have it out in July, so need to get moving faster.

Since the weather has been so nice, I’ve got my garden set up. I’m trying a new method. Straw bale gardening. I hope it works.

I’ve even got my patriotic flamingos guarding them!

I can plant once the bales are conditioned after a couple of weeks. I also got my greenhouse up, bought some plants for the straw bales and started some seeds.

We aren’t planning a trip this summer since we are having new windows and trim replaced all over the house. I figured I might as well grow some veggies and flowers. I have seeds to put out in front, since the decorative beds out front are only greenery. I love flowers, so I grabbed some perennials that are bee and butterfly friendly. Can’t wait until later this summer when they come up. Should be pretty.

These plants are for the straw bales. I’ll be doing container gardening too. I bought a ton of seeds and have some from last year from my plants. It will keep me entertained and let me suck in that vitamin D.

I also have a cover that needs to be made for book four in my Dragon’s Fated Heart series. I have the model picture, but I need to have it made into a cover before my book signing in July at Writers on the River. So I need to get writing on that one too!

Busy busy!

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