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by Janie Grey



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Falling in love with the boss is never a good idea
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My boss works on the other side of the world, and that works just fine for me. When he barks out his instructions, I sit through the video call and nod, with the occasional smile to acknowledge how happy I am to be his dedicated New Zealand personal assistant. He only sees my face on-screen, though. He doesn’t see the way I’m stabbing my pen into the little paper doll I made of him – or see the Days-Since-Grant-Price-Smiled chart (currently running at thirty-eight).
When he does let his smile escape, it’s a game changer. He’s ridiculously handsome if you like dark blue eyes and a chiselled jaw, all wrapped up in a city suit.
He’s only been to the Wellington office once in the last three years, and his schedule is so busy, there’s no chance of him coming anytime soon. And I’d know if he was planning an overseas trip, because I’d be the one booking his flights and hotel. Right?
I was only out for two days of sick leave.
So, when I return, what the hell is he doing sitting in my office, leaning back in my chair, and twirling the Grant Price Bosshole Doll around his fingers?
I’m the longest-serving PA he’s had. I’ve managed to stick it out for nine months so far, but now I think my days are numbered. What is he going to do to make me pay for this?
Boss on the Line is a standalone romance with an HEA. While it’s part of a series, each book is a different couple and can be read on its own.


Cobra Elite Box Set (Books 1-3)
by Pamela Clare
Join the members of Cobra International Security as they find love and danger around the world. The Cobra Elite Box Set features three pulse-pounding military suspense novels by USA Today Bestselling Author Pamela Clare. Travel to Afghanistan, the jungles of Myanmar, and the streets of Glasgow for hot romance and adventure.
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The Wedding Dare (Forbidden Temptations)
by Sofia T Summers
It’s nice to finally know your last name, Gemma Harding. I’ve been wondering where you ran off to that morning, but I never expected to find you writing about me. In case there was some misunderstanding, I believe we should meet to clear the air and understand what part of that evening we spent together was not meant to be used on the record. In case you’re wondering, none of it was on the record.

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The Worst Best Friend (Knights of Dallas Book 4)
by Nicole Snow
Full-length romance thriller with a sticky-sweet Happily Ever After forged from friends-to-lovers madness. Witness one broken man’s redemption quest to claim the girl he shouldn’t with so many small-town hijinks, countless dad jokes, and a little help from a bad-tempered pig.

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Pregnant With The Bad Boy (The Big Bad Braddock Brothers)
by Lydia Hall
I’ve been known to keep my life simple. When I say simple, I mean devoid of a girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong… Women are wonderful. To me, they are like vacations – temporary fun. But what do I do when Amber unexpectedly rents a space in my heart? One night was all it was supposed to be.

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Saving Scout With Heart (Heartwarming Dog Lovers’ Rescue Romance Series)
by Miranda Rose Barker
A lost golden retriever. A young woman starting a new life in a new town. A veterinarian who’s too busy to have his own personal life. This touching dog lovers’ rescue story will take you on an inspiring journey where you’ll meet a wonderful group of well-developed, strong, and very human characters. Lessons of hope and happiness from taking risks.

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The Marquess’s Adventurous Miss (An Oxford Set Novel, A Regency Romance Series Book 1)
by Ava Bond
Richard, Marquess of Heatherbroke is a broken and bitter man. Prudence Pendleton is a vicar’s daughter with a heart of gold. After a case of mistaken identities which leads to a kidnapping, these battling enemies find themselves in a steamy, dazzling regency debut. “Bond is a talented, fresh voice in the Regency genre and I can’t wait to read the rest of the Oxford Set series!” -Nicola Cornick

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Today Annie’s dragons will shift and fulfill her every desire, which means a fiery threesome—and true love.