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by Hollis Wynn

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Most people have two lives – the one they actually live and the one they dream of. For me, it’s before and after. I was living my dream, and loving every minute of it. It only took an instant for everything to come crashing down. Now, instead of being the center of attention, I try to hide in plain sight. Instead of champagne and parties, I have my coffee and my journal. And that’s how I like it. 
Until Benton Riggs enters the picture. I’m immediately drawn to him and his secrets- the main one being his Jekyll & Hyde personalities. 
Mr. Push-and-Pull takes me on quiet romantic dates all over the city. Not only that, he owns half the places we go to. But just when I’m opening up to him, he pushes me away. It’s infuriating–and a little addicting.
I’m falling in love with an enigma… and sometimes the truth doesn’t set you free at all.

by Daja Wiles



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I was supposed to play nanny.
Not fall in love with a hustla.

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Gerald “Tank” Rodgers rides in luxury cars, wears tailored suits, and his street cred stops thugs in their tracks.
Everyone warns me about accepting a job with him.
But once I’m living under Tank’s roof his distant smoky eyes, tatted body, and sultry voice awakens the woman in me.
I ignore my desires and focus on caring for his son.
Then Tank returns home with bloody knuckles and rage in his eyes.
He crawls into my bed and I lose myself in him.
He’s older, my boss, and a man with too many secrets.
I don’t know whether to run or give him my heart.
As if I even have a choice…
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Lucas (Must Love Danger Book 5)
by Emily Jane Trent
While on a concert tour, Navy SEAL Lucas vows to protect Haylee Nichols. She’s a celebrity singer, threatened by a dangerous stalker. But there is more behind his threats than infatuation. It’s Haylee’s last tour because she’s going home to her sick 5-year-old son. She must trust Lucas to fight her oppressor if she has any hope for a future.
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Fakers (Licking Thicket Book 1)
by Lucy Lennox & May Archer
Brooks returns to his hometown with a fake boyfriend in tow, ready to deal with zany, matchmaking neighbors, a ridiculous festival, and his heartbroken ex. But he didn’t expect his ex to bring her own fake boyfriend – a hot, snarky artist who kisses Brooks against barn walls and makes him rethink his ordered life – or to fall in love with the man.
Also in KU!

Kings of Mayhem (The Kings of Mayhem Book 1)
by Penny Dee
Her leaving broke me. Her coming back threatens to destroy me. I broke us once but this time I’ll do whatever it takes to put us back together again. A page-turning, second chance MC romance to set your heart and kindle on fire.
I had to grab this one!
Chase Me (Dragons Love Curves Book 1)
by Aidy Award
Jakob is either going to kill the sexy, curvy woman who denies she has The First Dragon’s relic, or take her to bed and drive her as crazy as she’s making him. Why does he want her so much he can’t even properly interrogate her? Might have something to do with the way his soul is screaming at him to mark her, claim her, and make babies with her.
Oh! Dragons! Got this too, lol.


A lonely woman’s torrid sexual dreams and fantasy partner await her as a dominant reality in another dimension.

Rainbow Sprinkles (Little Cakes Book 1)
by Pepper North & Paige Michaels
Welcome to Little Cakes, the bakery that plays Daddy matchmaker! Little Cakes is a sweet and satisfying series, but dare to taste only if you like delicious Daddies, luscious Littles, and guaranteed happily-ever-afters.
Love this series! Just like a cupcake, you can’t eat just one! Also in KU.
Last Time We Loved (Timing is Everything Series Book 1)
by Christine Miles
Can they free the past to have a future together? Florist Alyson Douglas is focused on saving her business when her past walks back into her life. All David Preston wants is a second chance to have everything he’s ever wanted.
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Fire Boy
by Kate Courtright
A sweet, contemporary Adirondack romance full of secrets and second chances. Goodreads & Amazon reviews: “So good!” “Wow! Probably one of the best short stories I’ve read.” “Highly recommend this feel good read!” “What a darling story!” “The description in this story made me feel like I was right there. I wanted more!” “I loved this short story!
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The Rose and the Duke (Ravishing Rosewoods Book 1)
by Jillian Eaton
As the eldest of four sisters, Lenora has always taken life far too seriously. Looking after her brood of wayward siblings like a mother hen, she has disregarded any and all advances from handsome gentlemen. Who has time for courtships when she’s busy pulling her sisters out of trees? Until she meets a duke whose smoldering stare is impossible to ignore...
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What An Earl Wants (Scandalous Ladies Book 1)
by Shirley Karr
Benjamin, Earl of Sinclair, is living in chaos. So many of his well-trained servants are pairing up and running off to be wed that his friends begin calling him The Matchmaking Earl. Fortunately, his talented new secretary, J. Quincy, begins setting the household to rights. But imagine Sinclair’s surprise when he discovers the “J” stands for Josephine. His favorite employee is a lady in disguise!
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Jack (The Kings of Mayhem MC Tennessee Book 1)
by Penny Dee
He’s the president of a motorcycle club. She’s the girl next door and completely off-limits. But when she turns to him for help because someone is stalking her, all bets are off. A scorching age-gap romance with a twist of romantic suspense.

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Claim My Baby (Crescent Cove Book 2)
by Taryn Quinn
Wealthy playboy Oliver Hamilton and I hated each other. Until we ended up spending a weekend alone together in Sin City. Anything can happen in Vegas, and oh baby, it sure did. And now I’m carrying his child…
The Beast (Clan Ross of the Hebrides Book 2)
by Hildie McQueen
Disfigured and forever changed by years in captivity, Duncan Ross must fight against himself if he is ever to find his true destiny. A story of a tortured man who must learn to accept love.
Oh! This is a wonderful series. I love a man in a kilt! Plus, Hildie McQueen is one of the nicest people.

Audio anyone?

Wrong Text, Right Love (Against All Odds Book 1)
by Claudia Burgoa
Mistaken identity, drunk texts, and hysterical mishaps…just another day in my life. Girls all over the world spill the tea to me about their most intimate questions. They thank me for talking about sex with them. For fixing their love lives. I wonder if I’d still be a relationship influencer if they knew what a train wreck my own love life is?