Archive | October 22, 2022

From me to you #apeekatmylife

Time for a breather! Our house is being worked on. We have a Tudor style exterior and all the wood was rotten. It’s in the process of being replaced. Which means lots of banging. Constantly. I can’t even think this past week with the noise. Of course my neighbor’s house is also being worked on, so it is a noisy neighborhood!

That being said, I haven’t gotten anything done. It’s even hard to read. Add that to all the medical appoints and we have very little down time. Today is it! I’m going to get set up for my son’s help tomorrow and then sit down and crack open a book.

I started the day with a nice soak in my mermaid tub with my handmade bath bombs. Hot chocolate bath bomb, lol. For the scent alone, it is worth giving my tub a quick rinse to get the lingering cocoa off the sides.

It looks better in person. An old tub, but I like it. It is all one piece. The only thing I don’t like is it lets very little light in between the curtain and the room. My own little grotto, lol.

I’m heading to relax time. I’ll enjoy the burst of warmth this weekend as it will be gone way too soon. Hope you do too.