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Monsters Matchmaking #NewRelease

Monsters Matchmaking: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Romantic Comedy (Midlife Magic Dating Service Book 1)

The magical dating service knows best… Right? We can only hope.

Andromeda is sick of being used in relationships. Working for one of the top PR firms around, she gets to see how terrible people are on a daily basis, and she’s over it. Now that she’s over forty, she was all but ready to give up on love. As a last ditch, she agrees to give an exclusive dating agency a chance, but only because her best friend recommends it to her. What’s the worst that could happen? Another failed, short-term relationship won’t kill her.


Bran de Clare, Monster King. His people have long been trapped in another dimension, but Bran is determined to find a place for them in the modern world, and do whatever it takes to fix the violent and cruel reputation that has plagued his kind since their banishment.

Both Andromeda and Bran soon realize factions in both of their worlds want to destroy any hope of a peaceful reunion of the so-called monsters to the human world. The human scientists will do anything to keep the knowledge of magic a secret. Monster rebels work against Bran day and night in an attempt to take over the worlds. Both of them.

Bran and Andromeda must overcome their vast differences to come together and save their worlds. If they happen to fall in love along the way? Alls the better, but neither see that happening any time soon.

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