Archive | October 1, 2022

Fall is here #apeekatmylife

Still can’t type with both hands. I try, but it hurts like heck. Writing is on the back burner unless I find my dragon. I still have to find the headset. I did look a bit yesterday. No luck yet. That’s okay though since I’m on day 5 of a migraine. It always seem worse in the morning. I’ve been sleeping a lot. Naps help. So did a visit to my chiropractor.

So, I’ve been reading a lot and playing on my Nintendo switch. I’m currently reading Daddy Biker Bear by Roxie Ray. It is definitely entertaining, I’m on the second half which looks like a separate book, but I’m going for it, lol.

I trusted a shifter with my virginity. Until he got me pregnant. Then he rejected me as his mate.

I was young and naive when I fell hard for bad boy Grizz, a shifter who was hot enough to melt my good girl heart. Big mistake. Because when good girls are naughty, they end up pregnant.

Now I’m back in Forest Heights to care for my aunt with my son Rainer—the son I’ve been raising on my own for nine years because gruff, tough Grizz didn’t believe our baby was possible.

But Rainer is living proof that shifters and humans can have babies, and now he’s showing signs of growing up to be just like his daddy. When Grizz realizes Rainer is his, he says he wants to get to know him. And the problem is, I’ll do anything for my son.

Except open my heart to Grizz again. I won’t be rejected twice. And it’s far too dangerous, especially when a rival biker gang has their sights set on his patch of turf….

As you can see, it’s in KU or you can just buy it. I admit, I’m a KU whore, lol.

I’m going to finish reading before I head to the pumpkin patch with my son (30 years old). Still kids at heart! Enjoy the first day of October and have some fun, maybe some cider and a pumpkin. I plan on it.