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#Teaser Reveal ~ Reckless Rebound

by Brooke O’Brien

TEASER REVEAL! Reckless Rebound by Brooke O’Brien releases October 30!
“OMG! Reckless Rebound was everything. I loved it so much… I just devoured every word.” – Goodreads reviewer
“Loved this story! It was funny, sexy, and melted my heart! Jaxsen and Emmy were made for each other.” – Goodreads reviewer
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Jaxsen Wild has landed himself in hot water with the NBA.
After letting his temper get the best of him during a game, he’s slapped on the wrist with a warning—get your act together, or your career and the championship with the Miami Blaze is on the line.
He wasn’t looking for love, and he certainly never saw Emmy coming when she crashes into him at the airport. Jaxsen is used to women using him for his money and the media dragging his name through the mud.
The last thing he needs is another scandal with his name plastered in the headlines. Still, something about how she has no idea who he is, draws him in.
Learning her ex cheated on her has Emmy swear off men and relationships forever. All she wants is one night of passion to forget everything—no strings attached. Who better than Mr. Tall, Dark and Dreamy staying at her hotel after their cancelled flight leaves them stranded in the city?
Except Jaxsen wants more than one night with Emmy, and he isn’t ready to let her go so easily.
When word gets out about their relationship and Jaxsen finds out the secret she’s been keeping, Emmy fears he’ll believe she’s using him like all the women before her.
Or worse, he’ll live up to his bad boy reputation and turn out to be as much of a player off the court as he is on it.

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