Review ~ Polanski Brothers: Home of Eternal Rest by Dakota Cassidy

AUT_CassidyDakota_PolanskiBrothersHomeofEternalRestBook Title: Polanski Brothers: Home of Eternal Rest
by Dakota Cassidy
Publisher: Changeling Press

Welcome to Polanski Brothers: Home of Eternal Rest…where the dead aren’t really dead and necking has a whole new meaning. Who would have thought owning a funeral parlor could be so much fun?

Joy is a vampire who works in the family-owned funeral parlor, and she’s got a bit of a problem. Detective Larkin McBride is Joy’s problem and it isn’t just because he’s big and hot. Well, that doesn’t help matters, but it’s because curiously, he can read Joy’s every thought. So what will Larkin do when Joy’s thinking about all these dead bodies showing up and the possibility that they were murdered?

So won’t you come plan your walk through eternity with us? All forms of payment welcome. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, but A-B negative and O positive preferred…

Available at Changeling Press

Cara’s Review:
Fun! Fun! Fun! Oh, and sexy! I’ve read a couple of Ms. Cassidy’s books, and enjoyed them all. The Polanski Brothers contains her normal sassy sense of humor, strange occurrences, vampires, and hot love scenes. Joy Polanski and Larkin McBride are two firecrackers, and what a show they put on! Wow. I found this book to be both incredibly funny, and sexy- something that many authors try for, but is actually quite difficult to achieve.

Joy, a vampire with no sense of smell, works at the family funeral home, and appears quite genuinely happy with her job. She’s compassionate and caring, someone you’d like to have as a friend. Larkin, a Police Detective, rolls into town to attend the funeral of a friend, which happens to be occurring at the Polanski Brothers Funeral Parlor. The two meet, and the good detective finds himself smack dab in the land of paranorms.

The ongoing mysterious deaths isn’t the greatest introduction for Larkin into Joy’s world, but they manage to muddle through it. I really wish we get to see a bit more of these two characters, because I not only enjoyed their story, I genuinely liked them both. I would recommend this book to any fan of Ms. Cassidy, lovers of the paranormal/vampires, and fans of romance. This dark romantic comedy is definitely worth the read!

hearts 51Flames 51

SSLY recommended read

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