Review ~ SOLAR SLICK (CREATURE WORLDS 1) by Juliet Cardin

51xjDFnyAPL__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-59,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Book Title: SOLAR SLICK (CREATURE WORLDS 1)
by Juliet Cardin
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Seeking a diversion to her troubles, Minka meets Tigg at a bar on Planet Treox. She envisions a night spent wrapped in the exotic alien’s arms with no thought to the future. Tigg, however, is looking for a mate. In the throes of passion he impregnates his lover and informs her of his deed. Infuriated, Minka lashes out, only to have her night made more unfortunate by the unexpected arrival of her thwarted lover, and co-conspirator, Clay. Involved in illicit deeds, the ill-used Minka is horrified when Clay asks her to commit one more criminal act for him—one that he assures her will set her free of him.

Thus sets the stage for an adventure across the galaxy seeing Minka and Tigg flee from world to world. While their escapade puts the pair at great risk, Minka fears the greatest risk of all…losing her heart to her irresistible lover.

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Cara’s Review:
You gotta love it when cultures collide. That’s what happens in Solar Slick when Minka’s planned one night stand turns into a marriage. Unfortunately, she is on the run from her past, and a fabulous loser named Clay who wants to use her to his own ends. Tigg is an awesome mate to Minka, even if he does bite now and again. The love that develops between them occurs quickly, but it’s a short book, so it has to, doesn’t it? Still, it feels true to character, and not much of a stretch. There must be some heady hormones going on with all that sex!

Minka and Tigg seem to keep jumping from the pot into the fire at every turn. Their adventure leading them all across the galaxy and back again. The mind boggles trying to keep up with all the intrigue, and what can one do, when the only person to trust is their mate? Throughout there are very sexy scenes, though not overly explicit, and in some cases more is implied than described. As I said before, Minka and Tigg have a believable relationship, and great chemistry. I can’t imagine their future will be all roses, as there is a lot of goings on in the galaxy, but I’m sure they will meet whatever comes together.

I would recommend this novella to those who enjoy sci-fi erotica/romance. It’s an enjoyable read, which is highly entertaining and full of intrigue. More books are sure to be in the future, and I for one am looking forward to them!

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