Archive | April 4, 2020

From Me to You ~ Better late than never!

I’d like to say I had a productive day, but I just woke up from a three hour nap.

I had good intentions! We got up and headed out to the fair grounds to pick up our RV. The line was crazy and then we find out first in, last out. Darn it! We had to wait until next weekend. So we drove around town for something to do. My husband wanted to go to the grocery store so we parked and I waited in the car. Then we drove around some more. Checked the parking lots of the grocery stores and went through the car wash. Lots of people on the road, but I’m thinking is was people like us, just driving around and staying in the car because it was so nice out.

And I felt bad for those who had to shop today. Probably got paid on Friday and needed to get groceries today. The good thing is we’ve only 4 cases in our county. So most people are practicing social distancing. No one wants the current virus. Nasty bit of work! We do have a covid clinic in town too, at the local hospital.

Hit a drive thru for coffee and lunch.

Then home.

Put on Tremors and we’ve been watching the whole series. I missed a couple. That’s how I got in my nap!

Though I did get my laundry almost done. I just put my last load in the washer. No writing. I can’t write when I’ve got someone awake and in the room with me. No where in the house is set up for me to write.

Anyway, I had that nap and all, lol. If only I could nap and write at the same time. I’d have a ton of books written. Maybe. Dinner is going to be just soup, something easy to make. When we get hungry. Yesterday was a good day for writing, though. Got some done on two stories.

I’ve ended up putting off my book China Fleet Club because I can’t get a dragon out of my head. You meet him in Saving Grace. Indra. His story is writing itself. At least for now. I’m sure I’ll get stuck somewhere in it, but that isn’t the case right now. So I need to keep answering my muse!

Want to meet Indra? Buy Saving Grace today!

The apocalypse had come and gone.
Secrets lie buried waiting to be found.
Dragons are not the only ones awakening to a new world.

Grace has always felt a bit like an outsider, even in her own family. She preferred to do things on her own, ignoring her loneliness. That all changes when Rog barrels into her life, opening her eyes to so much more.

Dragon shifter Rog has seen what problems hiding your inner dragon from your mate brings. Saving his mate from a precarious situation, he changes in front of her. Her awe and hesitant acceptance have him wrapped around her finger in a heartbeat.

Together they find a hidden, cryonic facility. Do they awaken the lost souls hidden in the depth of the mountain? Dare they take the chance of possibly bringing back the diseases to once again ravage their world?

Those are easy questions, but how can Rog explain the mating ritual to change Grace into a dragon involves himself and other dragons giving her more pleasure in a once in a lifetime experience?

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