From me to you!

I’ve been busy! I finished my newest story for an anthology. It will be coming out mid summer. I don’t have the cover or the name of the anthology yet lol. But its heading to my editor on Monday.

In the meantime I took a break. My firepit is now usable and we tried it out. I just have to put in the trim around the stones to tighten it up.

20200424_171422My daughter and I worked cleaning up the backyard.  It’s been neglected for the past few years, so we need to do a lot.

Also, we put up the little green house my parents got me. I’ve been germinating seedlings. My granddaughter and I are doing them. She’s helped me do each step.  Since her school closed I figured this was a good learning experience.

20200424_171437I’m putting in shelves today. Then we’ll finish transplanting the tomatoes. I’ve containers ready for the beans and snap peas.

Since we’re stuck at home, I decided to garden this year.

We’ll see how that turns out! We have tomatoes, watermelon, snap peas, peppers, and green beans growing.




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