Archive | June 27, 2020

From Me to You

Is your world back to normal? Mine kind of is. The girls are moved out, into their own home. I still wear a mask every where when I’m out in public. I don’t get too many odd looks anymore. I’d rather be safe than sorry. I figure wearing one isn’t hurting me any. We went to Ikea and they make you wear one or you can’t go in. Menards is the same way. So I bring one with and wear it. I need to do a laundry load of masks, lol. I’ve about six clean ones in my car! Not to mention my Star Trek ones. I gave the red one to my husband! He got it. He does work security!

I’m doing my own grocery shopping for the most part, but I sure liked using the delivery service. I may start it again. Even with paying the fee and tip, I saved money. No impulse buying!

Soon enough, I’ll start writing again. We went out and bought a new bed and a new couch. So I’ve got to get the rooms ready! I’m tearing out carpeting tomorrow in one room. It’s nasty as all get out. The carpet has been there ten to twenty years. I just don’t remember for sure. And my kids spilled everything on it. Hair dye, paint, bubbles and things I probably don’t want to know about!

I got a carpet knife to start cutting it up. Then we’ll put the bed we are using in there. Once that is done, I’m hoping to sand the floor in the room we will be in. It has needed it for twenty six years. I want to finish it before our new furniture arrives.

I hope your world it on its way to being normal – a good normal – again. I’ve two anthologies I’m in coming out next month so stay tuned! Follow me on Amazon to see them when they come out!

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So, have a great day, week and please rest of the year! 2020 has to get better!