Archive | June 13, 2020

From Me to You

Ever have one of those weeks were nothing seems to get done? Or you have way too much to do? That was this week for me and I’m pretty sure next week will be the same. Especially since my daughter and granddaughter are moving. She and her BF bought a house and are moving the end of this week. They close on Friday and I’ll be helping repaint on Friday/Saturday and we’ll be moving them in on Saturday and Sunday. My husband will be moving a couple of electrical plugs for them to relocate the television in the living room and we’ll have to patch up the drywall, but minor things! The house is a gem.

Well this week we’ve been packing around her working the past four days and doing her homework for classes since she is still going to school full time, even if it is online. Add in her little one who misses Mom and she’s going a bit cuckoo!

I’m sending her off with some tomato plants, raspberry plants, and a containerized herb garden. Her daughter and I have been busy. She loves digging in the dirt and she has a green thumb! I planted seven sunflowers she grew in my front yard. We have about a dozen we started a week or so ago for her new house.

The fresh herbs will be so much better than dried ones.

My living, dining and kitchen windows have become gardening areas, lol. Half of the plants we grew from seed. Since seed packets seem to be in high demand this year, I did end up buying some and splitting them so both of us got some. I grabbed a few others for teas. That will be an interesting experiment! Not sure I use them dried or fresh off the vine so to speak. I’ll learn. Hopefully I won’t poison myself along the way.

Obviously, I’m not writing! I’m spending time with the girls before they move and packing. Once they are gone it’s time enough to dive back in my books. I’m partially done with Reviving Mara. My dive into herbs is actually research for Rog’s book which will be book 5 or 6. Juevetorj’s book will be the other one. Especially since you will met her mate already and will see more of him in Reviving Mara.

Need to grab them? Just click on the picture to go straight to Amazon!

I’ll still be babysitting my granddaughter, driving an hour each way to do so, ugh. But at least I’ll still see the girls a lot then. However, since I won’t be living with them, more of my time will be free to write. I’ll be getting my planner out and scheduling my time. I’ve learned I’m much more efficient that way.

Once Reviving Mara is done, China Fleet Club is the next to finish. I’ve a lot of it done, but am changing the POV. It just feels better written in first person. Perhaps because parts of the book I’ve actually lived, lol. NOT all, but some and when I was going over it to work on it again, I found out I’d changed the POV and it read smoother. Regardless, I have to make it all the same or I’d get the book tossed back at me. And I’ve started the third short story in The Road to Eden (Area 51) anthology. I’ll publish them all together when I decide there are enough of them.

The Road to Eden, the original short story is available in We Know the Truth, Do You? (Now only available in paperback.) The second story, Momma Said comes out in July. Hashtag Queen will be the third one.

I’ve plans! As you can see. Since all my book signings were cancelled, I’m planning on using my time productively, inside and out.

Have a wonderful, safe and healthy week ahead!