From me to you #apeekatmylife

So, I’ve been writing a little, gardening a bit more, but really? Immersing myself in Stranger Things. An obsession. I can’t wait until July 1st, but have no choice!!!

I’m not sure about the minds that created this binge worthy show, but I applaud them.

Okkkaaay. That’s out of the way, lol. My mind is so wrapped up in that show, I’m barely writing. Well, and helping get things ready for our bridging ceremony for my girl scout troop. The bulk of the work fell on my co-leader’s shoulders, but I’m trying to help. Today is our last meeting until fall. So far, almost all of the girls will be rejoining us in the fall. Maybe we’ll even get more next year. We’ll have to wait and see.

Nothing else is going on with me, lol. I have been hitting the treadmill. I got a new one that works. A bit pricey, but health, you know? Once I water the garden, I’ll do some time in my home gym.

Then maybe hit the hammock until it’s time for the meeting.

I thought I’d see how well the zucchini does growing down the fence. Worth a shot.

In the front, I’ve pepper plants in the orange buckets, watermelon in the black buckets, tomatoes in the further orange buckets, beets, turnips, parsnips and carrots in the closest two straw bales, tomatoes and sweet peppers in the far bales. Green peppers and marigolds in the tire.

Peas and beans in this section. I’m using the dog kennel my son left here to let them climb up.

I’ve seedlings still in the green house. Strawberries and big boy tomatoes in front. On the left side, I’ve cucumber plants. Once the vines start getting bigger, I’ll separate the buckets further apart around the yard for growth purposes. You can see the peas and beans on the right side of the greenhouse.

I have to go water everything. It takes me thirty to forty five minutes. A relaxing time of day.

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