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Review- Mirror Mirror – Marie Harte

Every Halloween, Grandmother Rovela flees her house in fear of a ghost trapped in a cursed mirror. According to superstition, only on Halloween can the ghost be freed.

For years Linc Barron’s tried to avoid his attraction to his smart-mouthed friend Mandy Rovela, to no avail. He wants her, but more, he’s in love with her. And it’s high time he does something about it. So he makes a wager she can’t resist: twenty-four hours with him at her beck and call, if she’ll spend the night with him in her grandmother’s house. And ghost or no ghost, he plans to have Mandy.

Mandy has had the hots for Linc for years, but there’s no way she’s becoming another notch on his bedpost. So she agrees to his stupid wager – though no other Rovela would ever consider it – for a chance to win his heart.

But the ghost is not only real, it’s also far more than a trapped spirit. Dominic de Sange, the man in the mirror, is an earth mage who needs sex to gain power. And he’ll use everything Linc and Mandy have to push him back into the spirit realm where he belongs.

15412 word short story

Allyson’s review

I love Marie Harte’ s books and this was no exception. It was hot and steamy and full of romance. Linc and Mandy had been life long friends, both wanting more but not admitting it. When Halloween rolls around they make a bet about staying in Mandy’ s grandmother’s haunted house. I loved Linc’ s character, he was charming, sexy, a firefighter, protective, passionate, caring, strong and witty. Mandy called it like she saw it, and would quickly but Linc in his place. The banner between the two was great not to mention the chemistry.

Dom was trapped in a mirror but needed strength to go to the next realm. He gained strength through sex. Dom was powerful, demanding, arrogant, with an cocky attitude.

This was a great short steamy read. I look forward to more books by Marie. I highly recommend any of her books.
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