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Review- A Righteous Kill – Kerrigan Byrne

“’Tis one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall.”
~William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure.

He’s no stranger to sin…

A prolific serial killer is crucifying and ‘baptizing’ the working girls of Portland, and FBI Special Agent Luca Ramirez is locked in a desperate race to prevent the next casualty. The game changes when the latest victim is pulled out of the Willamette River alive, and Luca knows this witness may be his key to breaking the case. When the fanatical killer threatens her life a second time, Luca is assigned to protect the most unique and captivating woman he’s ever met by going undercover as her lover. He finds himself locked in a relentless game of cat and mouse with an elusive and violent psychopath, while battling his temptation for the alluring woman he’s charged to protect with his life. As the fatalities continue to mount, so does the intensity of his desire for a woman who should be forbidden, but is determined to dial up the heat.

Bestselling author Kerrigan Byrne laces dangerous, edgy content with palette-cleansing humor in this sexy, character-driven series debut that will leave you wondering… Is there such a thing as A Righteous Kill?

Tamara’s review
Okay, do you want to know how awesome this book was? The copy I received was FUBARed in the download. the first two chapters were fine and then, all of a sudden I would get 5 or 6 pages of chapter three and then it would go back to the prologue for a couple pages. It jumped like this throughout the entire rest of the book. I contacted the review coordinator who sent it to me, but she was tied up with a personal emergency and couldn’t get me a new copy. However, I couldn’t stop reading and just wait. I NEEDED to know what was going to happen next.
I loved the characters, Hero’s crazy Irish/Russian family. The awesome FBI agents and especially our Hero,Luca.I always love a hero who doesn’t know he’s looking for love, until it slaps him in the side of the head.
A Righteous Kill was a thrilling romantic suspense story, with well researched theological/historical plot elements. I was guessing right until the very end as to the identity of John the Baptist. I am a big fan of well written romantic suspense. It is not an easy genre and requires a devious mind and thorough plotting to weave together the elements of suspense and romance without overplaying wither hand.
A Righteous Kill… well it killed! Kerrigan Byrne will definitely be added to my TBR list.I hope the siblings in the Katrova-Connor family have novels of their own coming, because I definitely want to see more of them.
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SSLY recommended read