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Review ~ Stealing Polina by Danielle Villano

Stealing PolinaBook Title: Stealing Polina by Danielle Villano
Publisher: Pagan Writers Press
Reviewer: crystalnewman51
Heart Rating: 3

H is a businessman who will go to any lengths to get what he wants—no matter the consequence. When Polina, a new company intern, captures his attention, H will do whatever it takes to claim her as his own. Will the dazzling big city become the perfect backdrop for seduction, or will Polina fight against her boss’s dark desires?

Revisit the classic myth of Hades and Persephone, with a contemporary spin, in Stealing Polina.

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Crystal’s Review:
This story is supposed to be a spin off on Hades and Persephone. So we have H and Polina. I just couldn’t really get into this book. It was just 33 pages and it just didn’t make an impression on me.

I could see the similarties and maye if the book had been longer I could’ve got more into it. I know that H hated being the youngest but was glad his older brother had the control. Polina just didn’t have much of a personalilty. Very shy and just couldn’t take up for herself much. When they went out to eat she stood up to H a little bit.

I will say that I will read another book by this author just to see how she writes something else. I just won’t be reading this one again.
Hearts 3Flame 1