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New Release- Kayla’s Fire – Natasza Waters

The book we’ve all been waiting for! The conclusion to the Ghost and Snow White’s Story!

Kayla stands in the eye of a hurricane. Past and present are on a collision course, and her tactical experience won’t save her. She’s the target on a serial killer’s radar. The media brews a storm of confusion, pointing at the warriors stationed at Coronado. To catch the killer, she has to relinquish hope, and the Navy SEAL protecting her.

Navy SEAL Thane (Ghost) Austen is forced to choose between Kayla and his duty. If he deploys, she’ll die. If she returns to Canada, he’ll lose the woman who cracked his armor, and exposed his heart. Her abusive past is holding her hostage. There are two battles to be won: to light Kayla’s Fire and extinguish the Shark’s. Life broke them both in half, but together they’re whole, and he’ll walk through hell to keep her. The conclusion to Ghost and Snow White’s fight to survive in, “A Warriors Challenge” series.

My review:
Captain Thane Austen and Kayla Banks. The Ghost and Snow White… The Ghost had lost his soul long ago. Too many years of seeing the worst that humanity had to offer had encased his heart in ice. Until he met a beautiful brunette with fire in her eyes.
The fire in Kayla’s eyes came from Hell. She brought it back with her when she left. Kayla had lived through hell and survived, but that was all she did. Survive…

“Life broke us both in half, but together we’re whole. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you with my actions. You’re my forever, Kayla.”
In Code Name Ghost, Thane and Kayla’s love began to bloom, but will the bud survive the bitter storm that is their past?
The Shark wants Kayla’s blood, PTSD wants her mind, and two men vie for her heart. Through danger and passion, mystery and evil, watch the lives of these two warriors as they search for love and peace.

Kayla’s Fire is laced with action and adventure, but the real story lies in the hearts and minds of its heroes. A gut-wrenching, emotional journey, that can’t be missed.

Natasza Waters runs your emotions through the wringer in Kayla’s Fire. Every time you think the ship of Thane and Kayla’s love is finally on the right path, wind filling the sails and pushing them forward. Another storm comes along, rocking the boat, casting them toward the rocks, throwing them so far off course, only a compass can lead them home. But, thank God, they have that compass. It’s called love, and it always points toward home.

Kayla’s fire will burn down everything in their path and one day it will be “Fair winds and following sea,” If they can just live that long…
hearts 51Flames 4
SSLY recommended read

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Book 1 – Code Name: Ghost
Kayla is intent on leaving her past north of the border. Hired as a Canadian liaison by the US Navy, she finds the Coronado SEALs tough but amiable. Their Commander is another matter. With eyes like blue steel and a body carved from it, Kayla resists the hungry attraction between them for good reason.

Navy SEAL Commander Thane Austen (Ghost) treats his women like his missions: in, out and gone. Returning from deployment to find Kayla is his new tactical specialist poses a challenge, one he’s never faced. When the defiant beauty with haunted eyes becomes a serial killer’s target, the Commander has the excuse he needs to close ranks around her. Fear is a word unknown to the legendary SEAL until he realizes love can be as dangerous to a warrior as combat. Convincing Kayla to surrender to him and catching a killer is a mission he won’t fail.