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Review- My Brother, My Rival- book 2 by Eve Rabi

My Brother, My Rival by Eve Rabi
Series: How Can I Not Love You?, Book Two
Release Date: September 5, 2013
Publisher:  Self-Published
Pages / File Size: 269 Pages
Source:  book provided by publisher for review
Tags: Erotic

When Bridie ditched him and married his brother, Scott.
With great difficulty, he moved on and rebuilt his life without her, severing all ties with his brother because of their betrayal.
Now, Scott, his brother, is ill and a threat to his wife and children.
Cody is forced to step in and move them into his house.
Being physically so close to Bridie, and spending time alone with her, brings back a flood of memories, and he finds it a daily struggle to contain his feelings for his brother’s wife.

To Bridie, who likes to put things (and people) in perspective, Cody Garrett was filed under ‘Cheat’ and she too moved on with her life.
But while living with him, she stumbles upon secrets involving Cody and her, that changes everything.
Now, she must fight her feeling for Cody and remain true to her marriage.

Crystal’s Review:
If you thought the first book was emotional then this book is even more. I was on an emotional rollercoaster with this one. I thought I would be on one brothers side but I changed and liked the other better. I can’t tell you all that happens. If I did it would really ruin it for you. The ending is one that I didn’t see coming. I’m still in shock.

I was wondering if the author was laughing knowing how crazy she would make her readers? She did a wonderful job no matter what she was wanting. She wrote a really intense book and it needed two books to get it all written. I would recommend that you read the first book before you read this one so that you know what is going on.

You believe that Scott and Birdie’s marriage is going good until he is captured and tortured in war. When he does the things he does you wonder how someone that seemed so grounded and loved his family could do what he does. I just can’t get over what happened. I want to say what happens so bad but I won’t so that you can feel how emotional this book is.

I will just say that I really didn’t like Cody and Scott’s mom. She is the reason things happened the way it did. If she had just stayed to herself then things would have ended differently. The ending will bring tears to your eyes. This book will show you how much family really means. I loved how this author brought out the good and bad in all her characters. This is what made the book so good. In this book you will find out what someone will do for love. It might not be what you want or what you think should happen. When you care for someone you have to do what it best.

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Reviewer: Crystal N.

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