New Release ~ Bluebonnets For Elly ~ Sandra Nachlinger

I started writing BLUEBONNETS FOR ELLY during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) with the goal of creating a love story. However, as I got into the plot and began to know my characters better, Elly’s grandmother keep butting in. I finally had to let Granny have her say. The end result is a book that not only shows the romance between a man and a woman, but also the relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. I hope readers enjoy the interaction between these two women, as well as the sparks that fly between Elly and Derek.

Bluebonnets for EllyBlurb:
When Elly Macauley’s fiance leaves her for another woman, she flees to her grandmother’s home in small town Shannon Ridge Texas. After all, Granny needs help to heal from a broken ankle and her granddaughter is the logical person to help. Elly hopes that together they can recover from their wounds.

Derek White returns to Shannon Ridge–his hometown–to leave behind the trauma from his wife’s disappearance. His landscaping business is thriving and he has become a part of the town again, but his life isn’t going as planned. After one kiss from Elly Macauley, he wonders if it’s time to take another chance on love.

When the two meet, there’s an instant attraction. But is Derek legally free? Rumors fly about Derek, and Elly questions whether she can trust him. When Elly’s ex-fiance calls, she must decide–give him a second chance or gamble on a man whose past may end their love before it starts.

(In keep with Sweet Craving Publishing’s requirements, BLUEBONNETS FOR ELLY is a sweet romance. Although there’s plenty of fooling around, the main event takes place behind closed doors.)

Derek stared in his rear view mirror and took another look at Elly as he left the driveway. That tight T-shirt fit her like a coat of paint, and when she bent to pick up the shovel and he’d caught a glimpse of pink panties cupping her butt, he was pretty sure his mouth fell open.


He let out his breath in a whoosh.

And the taut muscles in her legs—long legs that went from pink-painted toenails all the way up to heaven. Derek felt a stirring in his jeans when a snapshot of that vision clicked in his mind.


And when she asked if he saw anything else he wanted, he’d had to bite back the answer that came to mind. Oh, yeah. He’d definitely be buying more of her grandpa’s tools, and he was sure interested in anything else she had to offer.

For the first time in many years, he found himself really drawn to a woman, wanting to get to know her better in all kinds of ways. The feeling surprised and pleased him. Sure, she was damned good looking, but her kindness toward her grandmother and the way she didn’t seem to fuss about her appearance attracted him too. A nice woman—not at all like some he’d been with since Jeanette.

When he’d seen Elly at the rummage sale, he hadn’t realized she was so tall. At least five foot ten—maybe more. Today, he saw that her height almost matched his own. Her body would be a perfect fit for his.

Hot damn.

A vision of deep brown eyes and wild red hair sealed the deal.

Hell, don’t forget those long legs.

Oh, there was no way he could forget those legs.

He gripped the steering wheel tighter and stared straight ahead, realizing he’d better guide his mind away from the direction it was heading and pay attention to the road or he’d wind up in a ditch.

Buy Links:

BLUEBONNETS FOR ELLY is available in ebook formats from the following websites. Paperback release is scheduled for early summer 2014.

Sweet Cravings Publishing / Amazon / Amazon UK / All Romance eBooks
/ Bookstrand

Author Bio:

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, I’ve been writing one thing or another since childhood. My first romantic story was written in elementary school, in pencil on lined paper. (My dad saved it.) The heroine got a kiss as the happy ending. I still have diaries from my school days, one of which inspired my first book, I.O.U. SEX.

I love to travel and keep journals (written and photographic) of each trip. Most exciting and memorable place I’ve been? I walked halfway across Spain — from León to Santiago de Compostela — with my daughter-in-law and her mother. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I’ll treasure always.

When not writing, I like to make quilts, sew, garden, take photos, read, have lunch with friends, and (like Granny in BLUEBONNETS FOR ELLY) spend as much time as possible with my granddaughter.

Twitter: @sandynachlinger

7 thoughts on “New Release ~ Bluebonnets For Elly ~ Sandra Nachlinger

  1. Sandra Nachlinger is an excellent writer. I read her first book, IOU Sex, and was impressed with the caliber of her writing. This second book doesn’t disappoint. It’s a sweet, well-written love story. If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to curl up on the couch with an afghan (coverlet, not a burly man from Afghanistan) and enjoy Bluebonnets for Elly

  2. I loved reading excerpts from this book before it came out, in Sweet Saturday Samples, and especially enjoyed the grandmother/granddaughter relationship. My own grandmother was very special in my life, so I had to have a beloved grandmother in most of my books.

    I have Bluebonnets for Elly on Sparky, my Kindle…to savor soon!

  3. I have read and enjoyed Bluebonnets for Elly. I especially appreciated the story’s unusual setting (small-town mobile home park) and the distinctive grandmother-granddaughter relationship. Thanks for posting this excerpt!

  4. I read both of Sandra’s books. IOU Sex had me rolling with laughter one minute and fuming the next, and all the while glued to the pages. Her love scenes are tastefully written. Bluebonnets for Elly is truly a sweet romance, one I will come back to often.

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