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On the Road with SCP- A Sailor’s Seduction – Lisa A Adams



A Sailor’s Seduction: Blurb
Seaman Thomas Musak has
just arrived in San Diego to begin training in his new occupation. However, he
realizes soon enough that training a new partner to share his rack is more fun
than he ever could have imagined.
Seaman Jacob Lyriceman
has just flunked out of Nuke school, and is now passing the time before his
next big adventure begins. Becoming a Navy Seal requires stamina and a sense of
adventure. Both of these characteristics make him irresistible to many.
But, Thomas has the one thing he truly desires.


Jacob turned and looked out across the harbor. “I guess I knew by about
twelve, but I was in denial until I graduated high school. I wouldn’t admit it
to anyone. I dated girls all through school. You know, anything to make me look

“Did you ever have sex with them?” Thomas was shocked at his own bluntness.

Jacob faced him straight on. “No.” A small grin slipped across his lips and
Thomas’s insides tingled with the familiar feeling of attraction and lust. “I
was known as the ‘safe guy’, so I had a lot of girlfriends, but I had a lot of
heartbreaks as well.”

“How did you finally overcome your fear?” Thomas found this extremely
interesting. His family had several gay members in it. They were, and had
always been, very accepting of him. His first real fear had come when he left
for boot camp. His father had talked with him for weeks about things he would
have to do and hide.

“I was actually at a party. You know those wonderful drinking games people
play? One had me locked in a closet with a guy and a girl. The guy was totally
bombed. I was trying to do things with the girl and he suddenly stared rubbing
all over me. It was the most erotic thing that had ever occurred in my life…up
to that point, of course.” Jacob gave a quick wink and Thomas’s manhood was
ready to salute. That’s when I realized if I was going to truly be happy, I had
to stop hiding who I was, especially from myself.”

Thomas let the story roll over him as he imagined being in the closet with


“What?” Thomas cleared his throat once more and swallowed.

Jacob laughed. “What about you? You ever been with a girl?”

“No. I was never attracted to any.” Thomas thought about all the girls who
wanted to date him, but he never felt right about leading them on.

“So who was your first?”

“He was a GI from Bragg. It was a one-night stand deal.”

Jacob cringed. “That had to be rough.”

“Not really. It was all so exciting and new. I was okay with the one-night
stand. I had too many things to work out and I didn’t need the pressures of a
relationship.” Thomas looked out across the bay again. Night had settled in and
the San Diego lights were winking at him. “So now what?”



Lisa A. Adams writes from a little plot of country,
tucked away in the North Carolina Sandhills. When asked about her family,
Lisa will be the first to tell you that her family support system has been the
backbone, of not only her writing career, but anything she chooses to pursue.
She has been married to her husband, Ray, for ten years and has five wonderful
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