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Review- Her Forever Cowboy- Donna Michaels

herforevercowboyHER FOREVER COWBOY
Harland County Series/Book 4: Kevin
83,000 words
Heat index: Hot

Single mother Shayla Ryan is tired of running, and longs to put down roots to create a stable environment for her baby girl and her younger sister. Having grown up with the opposite, she’s determined to raise her daughter right, and Harland County holds a lot of appeal. Too much appeal, in the form of a Casanova cowboy with eye-catching good looks and easy charm. It was time to settle down, create a forever home, and despite the fact the sexy cowboy interferes with her pulse, he’s made it perfectly clear he’s allergic to forever.

If there’s one thing software company vice president, Kevin Dalton loves more than puzzles, it’s women. Size, shape, race doesn’t matter as long as they don’t want a relationship. Been there, done that. He’s not looking to repeat the past, and happy to remain single. Until two beautiful redheads drop him to his knees—one with her cutie-pie smile, the other with her elbow. Too bad the elbow-toting beauty was both hot and puzzling. A killer combination too strong to resist. So he doesn’t, and without realizing it, the redheads slowly rewrite the code around his heart.

But when a danger from the woman’s past shows up and threatens the girls’ future, will he rise to the challenge and fight to keep them in his life? And if he does, can he really be what they need? A forever cowboy?




Tamara’s Review
I fell in love with Kevin Dalton when he was first introduced to the Harlan county scene. I loved his devil may care attitude and his incredible mind (I dig a smart man) I have to say I wasn’t quite sure what to make of Shayla when she first arrive in Harlan county. She was kind of an enigma. A lot of secrets clouded her past and I wasn’t sure I liked her, but it turns out her secrets weren’t bad on her part, just sad. Everything she did was to protect her family. That girl sacrificed a lot in life for others and she really deserves a happily eery after.
Her Forever Cowboy takes two people that one would think are terribly mismatched: a brilliant, billionaire, playboy, cowboy Casanova, and a down on her luck, single mother and throws them together. Neither one is looking for a relationship.
Keven “doesn’t do” relationships. He’s been burned in the past and always keeps things superficial. Shayla has been on the run since she was sixteen. Her father is a nightmare. With the money from her former fiance’s death benefits she has changed her name and tried to start a new life, but she still fears she’ll have to run again, and Kevin reminds her too much of Amelia’s father. Rich and uncaring.
But fate and the pushy hands of the Masters and the McCalls keep throwing the couple together and Shayla soon sees that Kevin isn’t uncaring at all. He is actually a really sweet man and very sweet on her.
I loved seeing these two guarded souls open their hearts to each other.
A wonderful combination of hot and sweet, this romance tugged my heart strings in all the right places!
hearts 51Flames 4



SSLY recommended read

From Me to You Friday- Tamara- Half a Century!


Yeah, Life Happened! I reached the half century mark on Wednesday this week. I don’t fell that old. How did that happen? I’m a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother. I was a sister… That’s the saddest thing in my life. How did I out live my sister, who was 10 years younger then me? It still makes me sad every day. But life goes on, and I have to say, I’m happier at 50 then I have ever been in my life!

How many people get to live their dream? In my 50th year I was able to quit my day job and pursue writing as a full time career. Now, I will admit, I don’t make most of my income from my own writing, but from editing and promotion, but still, I am able to work from home and spend all my time immersed in the world of literature. It is a dream come true!

As my husband says, if you love your work, you never work a day in your life. I wake up with a smile on my face every day. I spend probably 12 hours a day on the computer, doing promotions, editing, writing, sending out emails, etc. I love to to talk to all my Facebook friends. I have met so many wonderful people on Facebook. People I have never met in person, but I still count as close friends. A few I have had the great good fortune to meet at conventions and it was like meeting long lost friends!

I also got to re-connect with my blog mate, Beverly. Bev and I have know each other for (cough) 37 years! OMG that’s a long time! She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and I was at hers (well one of them, lol) But for many years we lost touch. I lived in Florida and she was in California, and Illinois and Wisconsin and …. well you get the picture. We exchanged Christmas cards and one or the other of us would call maybe once or twice a year to catch up, but that was all. Now we talk almost every day! I think we are closer friends even then we were in high school, and that’ s saying something because we were roommates! LOL

So, what does it mean to be a half a century old? NOTHING! I truly believe age is just a number. I love being 50! My kids are grown. My grand children are the perfect age to spoil ( and finally moved out, so I can spoil them and send them home!) I don’t have to worry so much about how I look, although I’ll NEVER go gray, (you better dye my hair in the casket buddy or I’ll come back and haunt you!) I do have a few more aches and pains then I did when I was younger and I don’t have the stamina I once did, but I’m a lot more patient then I used to be (and more sneaky too)

So all in all. I’m a Happy Half Century!


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Hot Alpha Seals ~ Megaset



Special Operator T.J. Talbot, raised in a string of foster
homes and nearly tossed from the Brotherhood, is forced to make a deathbed
promise to care for his best friend’s wife and baby. At home, Shannon Moore
wants nothing to do with the community or anything that reminds her of her
fallen SEAL husband, until fate steps in to show her she is still connected,
and needs the love of this flawed warrior who shares her grief.
Frankie was  listing to one side. T.J.’s strong arm propped him up, which was the biggest  fuckbomb of all time.
Stoppit, Shannon. She’d picked up their  language, their mannerisms, as if they’d been wet paint and she was rolling through them naked. Now she not only thought in swear words, she was starting to say them. They rolled off her tongue as though she’d always talked and
thought that way.
Yeah, and that was  T.J.’s fault, too.
She could see the little Cheshire Cat smile he was giving her, not that she would give him the satisfaction of knowing he was even a piece of cat litter stuck on the bottom of her shoe. Frankie was going to be all hers. She’d extricate him from his Brotherhood and give him back to them when she was good and ready. Screw the wives who told her she would always come second when it came to the Brotherhood. They didn’t know their men. She didn’t want a normal plain vanilla relationship with Frankie. He was fuckin’ addicted to her, and that was exactly
the way she liked it.
There you go again. On your wedding day, and before you get to the altar and kiss your betrothed, you’ve sworn—what? Maybe
three or four times? And had unclean thoughts?
Yeah, even ladies in white wedding dresses had dirty thoughts.
She knew that was normal.
Come on, Frankie. Stand up straight. She saw the glassy eyes and knew T.J. had caused it. Her Frankie was drunker than
he had a right to be. From the unearthly glow in his blue eyes it was probably Tequila, which he couldn’t hold well at all.
Not like she could. Oh yes, there was that song about dropping your clothes for margaritas. That was her. But Frankie was having a hard enough time standing up right now, let alone being conscious for the wedding. And it wasn’t because all the blood had rushed to his groin, either. That would have been funny. She’d have been happy about that one.
She shot a quick fuck-why-did-you-do-that?-look at T.J., and his smile broadened, and she saw him move his arm when she stood about a foot away from the man she’d chosen for the rest of her life.
The moment T.J. released his hold on Frankie, the groom fell, almost toppling her as well. Her veil was ripped from her hair, her bodice pulled down—maybe too far down for a second or two—and accompanied by the screams of everyone, especially Frankie’s parents in the front pew of the church, Frankie did a face-plant onto what was luckily well-padded carpeting.
She adjusted the detachable beaded bodice to make sure she was decent first, and then had difficulty turning in Frankie’s direction, thanks to her long dress of chiffon and layers of voile. Like her feet were stuck in mud, she turned slowly. T.J. was leaning down to get Frankie, and she caught a hint of his aftershave, nearly brushing her lips across his cheekbone as he stood.
Three big SEALs helped Frankie up. His face bright red, sweat pouring down his forehead, and his shame preceded what Shannon knew would be a huge bender, perhaps one which would eclipse their wedding night. He’d messed up her wedding. He’d tried so hard not to. He’d told her every day he hoped everything came off the way she wanted. Perfect. Like she was perfect, he’d said. Did he suffer from premonitions?
Fuck perfect.
So…there was her fifth swear word and unclean thought. She had another one as she grabbed his arm and hoisted him to her side, which made a few people in the audience titter. T.J. was chucking just loud enough for her to hear that, too.
This is not happening. She knew she would wake up any minute. This must be the nightmare wedding from a bad movie. This wasn’t her wedding day. The day she’d dreamt about her whole life. The one where she’d be the star of the show.
After the vows were said and the rings exchanged, the two of them walked down the aisle, both relieved to have survived the ceremony without further bloodshed.  Frankie led her straight to the bar, which she thought was a great idea.
He’d stopped to tell someone in the last row he wasn’t even drunk, which was such an obvious lie. It was a classless further slight to her not-so-perfect wedding. Like maybe God was responsible for all this.
It couldn’t have been Shannon’s fault, scaring the shit out of him and making him so drunk he passed out. It would be a cold day in Hell before she’d admit it publically, but in her heart of hearts she knew she was fully responsible. But no one would ever know.
No one. Ever.
Except the guy who stood behind her. She could smell him before he put his palm on her shoulder, matching the other palm on Frankie’s shoulder while they stood waiting to get poison into their systems quick. The bartender had dropped the first glass he’d filled with ice for her Tom Collins, so the jitters were spreading. But not to T.J. He was rock-solid, and she hated every muscle and sinew of his body. Every
drop of his blood. Every cell. She hated all of him for being so calm and light-hearted about her disaster of a wedding.
Not that he’d ever know. She did her best to give him a triumphant, gushing smile. And then she took Frankie’s double Scotch and downed it before he could get his hands on it. With the liquor on her lips and a glow spreading down her chest, she didn’t care how they looked at her. She was a bride on a mission. Her day. Her time, and they better fucking play her game or she’d take them both on.
T.J. gave her an appreciative return glance. Frankie was still trying to figure out what had happened as he told the confused bartender to give him the Scotch he didn’t get the first time.
“Okay. I’m good. Good now. Time to face my audience,” she said and wafted off like she was wearing a dress of white potato chips. She’d deal with Frankie after he found his courage to look at her. Until then, she didn’t want to be anywhere near him, or his fuckin’ devil of a best friend.
Okay, so that was number six.
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