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Review- the Payment Series- Cassandra Carr


payment series


Catrina Carter is in over her head. Way over her head. She’s in debt and, short of bankruptcy, which wouldn’t happen fast enough to pay the creditors nipping at her heels, Catrina has few choices. Eviction is coming any day, and even though she traded in her great car for a “more affordable” model, it’s about to be repossessed too. Catrina goes to Debt Management Associates, or DMA, for help.

The cost for DMA’s help is something she never thought she could pay, but out of options, Catrina agrees to serve a man who pays her debt in full, and begins training in how to please him. Jared. Her new benefactor. He is tasked with helping Catrina get her life back on track, in addition to taking his pleasure with her and ordering her to oblige friends, colleagues, and even total strangers sexually on his whim.

When Catrina leaves the DMA program after her one year term of service, will she be able to keep the lessons Jared literally spanked into her topmost in her mind, or will old habits rear their designer heads?

NOTE: The Payment Series is a serial. They are best read in order and are not really standalone stories.

WARNING: This series contains material some readers might find objectionable. If dark erotica themes bother you, please do not purchase this series.

Diana’s Review

I read this book free for an honest review.   So here it is.  Overall, I love the books.   In fact, I found it difficult to put down.  But it challenged the limits of my tolerances at some points, especially the couple scenes at the biker bar.   Luckily I love a challenge.

I could not imagine what kind of desperation would send me to this organization to get bailed out of severe financial problems.  As I read this story, I could feel Catrina Carter’s desperation.   I could read in the story her acceptance of this voluntary form of punishment and reform.   I also came to believe that for her it was a last ditch desperate move and not necessarily the right move, but  . . . I actually couldn’t think of something else that would help her reign in her spending.   The 3rd of the 3 books Boxed Set is definitely the best.  And much of what I felt from Catrina’s character seemed to be true.   I do not want to provide any kind of spoilers in my review though I am sure there are others who will.

****Please be warned and don’t be stupid**** this book is not for the sensitive soul or the soul that needs a true HEA with flowers and boxes of candy.   There is sexual degradation used as punishment.   Spanking, anal sex, sex with multiple strangers in a public setting.  Don’t buy this book just to turn around and bash the author because you cannot handle the subject matter.    This is my civic conscience speaking to you.   Make no mistake I liked this series.   It brings you in and messes with your emotions and spits you out at the end in a masterful way.

Bottom line. . . I will read more of this author’s books because I like how she tells her story.

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