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#Review ~ Primitive Need ~ Alicia Sparks

Primitive Need

by Alicia Sparks

Continuing the Primitive series with book 2

Ten years ago, Logan’s life changed when the Blackhawk helicopter he was flying went down over Afghanistan. The pain immediately hit him, intensifying and running down his arm, and when he woke up, he realized he’d become part of a military experiment complete with robotic arm and superhuman strength. After leaving the military, he returned to his hometown of Bon Teche, Louisiana to live a quiet life as the town’s sheriff, but the mayor has other plans for him.

Mayor O’Connor’s only daughter, Hadley, is blessed with powers she can’t understand or control, and the old man feasr for her life and his sanity. When he hires Logan to be her personal bodyguard, no one expects immediate sparks to fly between the two. Headstrong and spoiled, Hadley does not like being followed around by someone who watches her every move, and what she hates even more is the fact she can’t trust herself around Logan or the way he makes her feel.

Logan knows he can’t live without her, but convincing Hadley of that is next to impossible. With danger swirling all around them, Logan makes his feelings known, but Hadley has a secret which could destroy them both. As her secrets are revealed, she and Logan become entangled with the Maddux clan, a group of shape shifting tigers who want Hadley for their own purposes.

Deep in the Atchafalaya Basin, Logan is determined to protect Hadley and to satisfy her Primitive Need.

*Content Warning: Intended for 18+ Audience, may contain explicit details or scenes


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Diana’s Review:
5 Hearts 3 Flames

First, let me say I read this book free for an honest review.   Second, this is book 2 in a series but I did not need to read book 1 in order to understand what was going on.

I loved the entire world that Alicia Sparks is creating.   All the characters in her book jump out of the pages with personality and three dimensional presence.  The story builds tension at just the right pace as does the relationship between Hadley and Logan.  The story is paranormal with good people, not so bad  people (maybe misguided) Maddux family,  and I suspect the very bad people, haven’t met the very bad yet.   Book 3 promises to be better.  When Kenyon Maddux little sister is causing problems and they need to find her, like now.    I am not even mad that I do not know more about this world.  Because with all good series, they should get better and better as the author builds layers upon layers of awesome to her world.  Oh did I mention the Maddux family are shifters?  I hope that is not a spoiler.

So by my thinking, I have just found another author that I will love to be reading.   That makes me very happy.  My ‘to be read’ list just got a lot longer.

hearts 51

Flames 3