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Review- Hyde and Seek – Viola Grace

hyde and seek


Working in the Resistance, Amly Hyde has specialised in hiding other talents from notice. Now, she has been spotted, and she is hiding in plain sight until she just can’t hide anymore.

Rescued from a capture event, Amly is swept off her feet and through the floor, leaving Resicor in a way she had never really considered. Alive with her feet on the deck plates had never seemed like an option. She is destined for the Citadel and her companion is going to make sure she arrives safe and sound.

Walking Shadow has known his match was on Resicor, and the moment he saw her, he was sure that she was the one. The blue hair was a giveaway, but her strong-minded fixation on survival was a bit of a turn-on. He has time to convince her they are meant to be together but patience has never been one of his virtues.


Cara’s Review

I greatly enjoy all of Viola Grace’s books, but every once in a while, she throws me a curve ball and creates one I absolutely love.  Hyde and Seek, Tales of the Citadel book 33, is one of these.    Amly Hyde has shown up in several books, as part of the rescue effort on Resicor. When it is time for her to make haste off planet, Keezik, comes to her rescue.

Now, all of Grace’s characters are very distinct, each with their own personalities and drives.  Amly stands out, however, even from this crowd of unique individuals.  She is an absolute powerhouse in terms of ability, and I know she will play a large role in the final smack-down of Resicor government.  Which I absolutely can’t wait for.

I would strongly recommend this book both to Ms. Grace’s fans, and to those looking for something new in the Sci-fi romance genre!

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SSLY recommended read