Lightning Strike ~ part 4

LightningStrike_fullres“Really? What stories were they?” Levi wrapped his arms around her and rolled carefully to his back, making sure he was still buried deep inside Daphnaie’s warmth. She snuggled into him, tightening on his cock as she laid her head down. He tightened his arms around her, moving one hand to slowly trace the crease of her luscious ass. He had never been so satiated, yet he could feel his desire continue to rise. Her easy acceptance of what he did to her sending tendrils of warmth to his heart.

“He claimed that he would sneak up here and watch the tree spirits dance. He told me that the laurel tree spirits were protected by Gaia, mother earth. That is what you are right?” He felt her head nod as she lay against his chest. “He said that the tree spirits were so beautiful that they were plagued by unwanted sexual advances, so she put you in trees to protect you.” She leaned up, elbows on his chest and laughed, a beautiful sound like bells chiming in the wind.

“No. We were put there as punishment. We were too beautiful and the men would tell all about us. There were too many coming to search us out and to protect the serenity of the woods Gaia locked us in our trees. We could only come out on certain cycles of the moon. The only other time we could come out was if our tree was damaged.”

“Like your tree was damaged.” She nodded. “What will you do now?”

“I will help it heal. Now that it was damaged and needs to be renewed I am no longer trapped.” She wiggled on him. “If I can’t heal my tree, I will have to find a new one to nurture. But I’ll never be trapped inside again.” Her wiggling was having its effect. He grew harder, stretching inside her snug depth.

“How can you heal it?”

“I’m its spirit. One of the problems Gaia had was that the laurel trees were taking over the glen. We would multiply with the men as they spread their seed. Each encounter would strengthen us until, like humans procreating, we multiplied. By confining us, she was able to control us, so we didn’t force out the rest of the trees and their nymphs. But the rest of the nymphs, especially the males from the oaks and pines protested. That is the only reason that she let us out during certain moon cycles.”

Levi pumped his hips up into Daphnaie and back down again. She placed her feet so she was squatting on him and started to ride him. His hands on her hips controlled her, not allowing her to speed up.

“Let me see if I understand. You grow stronger with sex?” She nodded her head, biting her lip, as she tried to get him to let her increase the speed. He shifted his hands, letting her control the speed and grabbed her breasts, pulling her down so he could suckle her. With a breast in his mouth, he moved one hand to her back to hold her down and caressed her clit with the other.

Daphnaie groaned, speeding her movement on his dick, trying to rub against his teasing finger. “Please!”

Levi smacked her ass, holding her and rubbing her clit. He was sure the feel of him in her, the pull as he continued to suckle, and the friction on her clit, would send her over. He pumped up, the friction of his erection through her soft tissues causing her to strangle him as she rode him. His shout followed hers, her muscles pulling his cum from him as he emptied with each tight pulse of her warmth around him.

Her legs gave way, and she tipped forward, lying spread eagle across him. Her legs spread over his hips and what little of her legs could touch were lying limply on the ground. She groaned. Her walls were clenching and unclenching around his dick as he pressed her onto him, rubbing her against him so her tender clit jolted with each rub against the hair around his penis. She convulsed again, tightening on him in another orgasm. He could feel her walls grabbing him as he pulsed inside her. She sighed and laid her head on his chest.

Levi could smell the scent of him and her mixed together in the air. He wanted a taste. He pulled her up and off of him, his large hands easily manhandling her up. He lifted her and spun her so her pussy was above his mouth. He laid her down on his chest with her facing his groin. He grabbed her ass, holding her still above him as he pressed his face into her cunt.

Daphnaie shot up and fell back across his chest as he ferociously dove into her pussy.

Levi placed his mouth over her, stabbing her with his tongue as he abraded her clit with his teeth. Licking her as deeply as he could, he could taste their essence together and was rewarded with a fresh rush of her juice coating his tongue. He shifted, shoving a finger into her vagina as he covered the rest of her cunt and clit with his mouth and suckled. Her clit, hard and slick, begged for attention. He played with it, alternating between sucking and licking. Her mewling spurred him on. He surrounded her clit with his fingers of his free hand, exposing as much as he could and suckled just her pulsing, sensitive nub. He could feel her cum again by the tightening around his fingers in her cunt. As she came, Levi bit her clit, tugging at it with his teeth.

Her scream and the gush of fluids on his hand had him suddenly moving. He pulled his fingers out of her and pushed her down his abdomen, her ass firm and silky as he slid her where he wanted her, positioning her so that her slit was over his erection. Her hands grabbed his legs as he arched ramming his cock into her tight cunt and then fucking her until she screamed and came again. The feel of her spasms and the sight of her rosette clenching between her cheeks had him pumping harder into her spasming body, until he came with a yell, his cum filling her and the overflow leaking out.

Limply, she lay with her face on the ground between his legs and ass in the air. He could see his cock still lodged in her tight pussy, the entrance to her body where they joined stretched and glistening with their combined juice. He placed his hands on her heart shaped ass and pushed her down enjoying the sight of her pussy swallowing his dick. She groaned as he lifted her and pushed her down again. She had no energy to either assist or stop him.

Levi enjoyed the sight of his huge, red dick being swallowed by the deep dark pink of her pussy; her plump, glistening lips on either side were soft and excited him even more, as he pumped in and out. Levi clenched his ass, forcing his dick up and higher. Daphnaie just laid there, her head on the grass between his legs, making little mewling sounds and jerking but letting him move her up and down. He grabbed her hips and started fucking himself with her.

The sight of his cock glistening with her juices as her pussy took every hard inch of him and her willingness to let him handle her body for his enjoyment sent him spiraling. Excited by his control of her, he could feel the thick jets of cum burst out of him, spraying deep into her body. As he finished, he lifted her off of his dick and grabbing her thighs, pulled her on top his body so she was lying on him instead of the rough grass. They both lay there, her cheek against his limp member, her legs splayed on either side of his chest. Her pussy open to his perusal as she sprawled atop him, his cum slowly flowing from her into a puddle on his chest. He breathed deep, the scent of her wafting through the air.

Exhausted, sticky and content they drifted into sleep.


The whole book can be purchased from Amazon and is part of the KU (kindle unlimited) program.

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