Archive | January 20, 2018

fRoM Me tO YoU

Boy o boy! I have some sales coming your way tomorrow! I’ll have to fill up my kindle!

I’m 1/2 way through my edits for Willow’s Cry. I’m happy, it is turning out well. Then I’ll have to do a read through on my kindle, see if I catch any errors. I probably will and no matter how many people go over it before it’s published I’ll still find one or two after. I’m been making time to work on it. Not so easy when it’s cold and I don’t want to go outside so I work on it surrounded by my family.

Two year olds don’t listen to the word no! LOL. And it is great fun to shut the computer when you want Grandma’s attention. Thank goodness for autosave!

So, on the other front, my daughter and I have decided to do a 30 day Paleo Diet. Stepping on the scale was a shocker when I reached a number I never, ever, wanted to see. I’d done fantastic at losing weight, slowly, after my brain tumor was removed. For Two years I was creeping off the weight. The surgery did something that triggered the diabetes I was teetering toward. Emergency insulin had to be administered. Then I was told I would be diabetic within the next year. That sucked! It gave me a reason to really watch what I ate.

But bad habits crept back in. It truly is a matter of portions for me. But I was so tired of feeling hungry all the time I went over board. I doubled back up and in the past two years I gained back all I’d lost.

So, I’m going caveman! I feel worse than ever, my diabetes is bouncing from high to low and I don’t want to have to give myself shots! Pills are bad enough. It is time to take control of my life. We’re buying things I never wanted to eat, lol. Our grocery list is made and we are heading to the store. Kale (gag) is in my future!

My husbands too and he isn’t happy, lol. But lately we’ve been eating more a paleo diet without even realizing it. So, let’s see how well I do!

Do any of you follow a Paleo lifestyle? How has it changed your life? Any recipes you love and are willing to share?

Let me know!