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FrOm Me tO yOu! Just a tidbit while I’m editing…

I’m editing today! I’m trying to come to a comfortable solution to writing with the increase in our household. I know, they’ve been here since late March but it takes me time! The girls are both down here with me, so I’m going to see if I can accomplish any editing with them down here.

Wish me luck!

So here is a tidbit. And good heavens if you see an error let me know!

Happy Saturday!

The phone rang, loud and obnoxious in the quiet night. God, he hoped there wasn’t another emergency. Alex stomped in, slamming the door open, tired in every inch of his body. He didn’t even flinch at the loud bang. With his luck he’d be going back out again. The storm that passed through downed trees and stranded campers. He spent the last couple of days searching for hikers lost in the storm.


“Good job finding the hikers.”

Before he could take a much needed rest, he needed to file his paperwork. He didn’t need accolades. Grunting rather than replying, he placed the phone on speaker.

“You could at least say thank you.”

“What’d you need?” On the best of days he didn’t like people. Placing his hat onto the table and tossing his coat over the coatrack Alex kicked the chair back from the desk and settled down, wriggling to find comfort in the hard seat. Jordan never called without a reason.

“Just wanted to complement you.”

“Fine, consider it done.” Hanging up the phone before Jordan say another word, Alex reached over and turned his computer on. Despite the cost, he bought a program for his computer to easily help with his reports. Booting up the program, Alex began to speak and it typed. Thank God. Sometimes his fingers seemed larger than the keyboard.

Alex leaned over, untying his boots. His voice echoing through the empty room. The laces unforgiving, tight with rain and mud. The heat in the room began to sink into his cold tired bones. With the laces loose enough, he pulled them off, spreading his toes in relief. With the heater going, the smell from the wet leather of his boots and the stink of his feet began to fill the room.

So, just a picture to let you know what I’d rather be doing, lol. No, we don’t get up to any trouble at book conventions! 😉

Mother Nature, lol MBLU