I’m so excited! I’m loving this anthology! Yes, I’m reading everyone’s stories too! Grab it before the price goes up. It will be $.99 cents for the first week and go up to $2.99 after that. PLUS all proceeds are being donated to a Veteran’s Organization which we shall not name, lol.

I love Pavolok and Amethyst, my main characters in The Road to Eden.

The research was fun! I did require a bit of sight seeing in Nevada this summer though my family wouldn’t go to area 51. Bummer! But I watched lots of videos, haunted the Storm Area 51 they can’t stop us all Facebook pages and enjoyed the memes. Plus I loves me some science fiction.

So, Do you know the TRUTH, do you? is OUT!!!! Grab your copy today!

It’s at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and someday it will be at Apple, lol. We hope today.

Here is the universal link:

What are you waiting for? Get your Naruta Running shoes on and grab it!


Join our release party Sunday September 22 at 2pm!



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