From Me to You Friday ~ Beverly ~ How on Earth did I end up here?

I sit and can’t believe I have my second book coming out! Yes my first was a short, a Lunchtime Romance and my second is part of the Weekend Getaway line. I never thought I would be in this position. *shakes head* Never Never Never! It’s exciting but not very glamorous! It’s a lot of hard work, tons and tons of repetition. So much my eyes want to cross!

PicMonkey Collage3

Networking? Good Heavens if you don’t who will read your book? I know from most of the publishers that you are expected to find ways of putting your book out there. If you don’t, expect it to sit on the proverbial shelf collecting dust.

My complaint (okay, yes I’m going to whine 🙂 ) I’m a bit of an introvert. Well, a huge introvert. If I’m in a crowded room, I’m the one whose eyes are searching for escape, standing frozen hoping no one notices me!

Thank goodness that doesn’t cross over onto paper or social media! lol!

On the other hand, once I’m comfortable around you you’d never believe I’m an introvert. If I’m in a room of people I know or -heaven forbid- family all bets are off!

There are a few people I’ve met that seem to instantly put me at ease, and I love people like that. It’s not anything they do, it is just who they are. Nothing tangible I can name.

Now, I’m really glad my shyness doesn’t cross into my writing. There is no way that I would have thought that I would end up writing erotic romances. Nope never crossed my mind! 🙂 Maybe I’m a closet extrovert!

Lots of authors have said that they have a hard time writing sex scenes. I have a hard time NOT! *head desk thud*

So, be prepared. Lightning Strike. Coming in 8 days to Secret Cravings Publishing! And popping up all around the web thanks to some awesome people that really do like my erotic romances!

Share the Love! (I know my characters do!)

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