Review ~ Dirty Tricks by Xandra James

51mjGMd8g3L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-64,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Dirty Tricks
by Xandra James

Blurb:She wanted revenge. He wanted her.

Cat was desperate, but pretending to be a ghost to stop the
renovation on the neighbouring manor house was a new low even for her. All she
needed to do, though, was slow down the renovation and figure out a way to make
the owner pay for stealing her family home years before. Simple.

Everything was perfect until a new guy arrived on site,
turning her plans for revenge upside down, and her body to a puddle of lusty
mush. But when she finds out the secret he’s been keeping, will their
attraction be strong enough to hold them together? Or will family ties tear
them apart?

Warning: this story contains a large, orange cat called Elvis, a fake ghost called Cat, a sizzling hot romance, and it just may cause you to crack a smile.

*A 16,000 word novella*

Available at Amazon

Cara’s Review:

Okay, this book had everything I LOVE in it.  I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who likes contemporary romance.  It’s a quick read, perfect for a wait at the Doctor’s office or morning commute.  However, be ready to be hot and bothered by the end of it!

Catherine (Cat) lives in a small bungalow in the shadow of her ancestral house, sold by her Grandmother after her daughters (Cat’s mother) death.  However, immediately after the sale, she realized that Mr. Marshall had no plans to live and love the structure as Cat’s family had, but rather rip it down and build some fancy hotels.  When Cat finds the house finally being renovated, with an intent to sell, she sees it as a perfect opportunity to get a little revenge on the Mr. Marshall, desiring that he lose money on the deal. 

Like her namesake, Cat sneaks about the house, making the contractors question the safety of the house, and the possibility of the appearance of the White Lady said to haunt the house.  Jay, Mr. Marshall’s son, comes onto the scene to get to the bottom of the ghostly happenings. 

And welcome the fireworks!  Cat and Jay develop a fabulous relationship, each attempting to out prank the other, but completely oblivious to the other’s real identity.  You might imagine how that turns out.  So, got a little bit of time to spare?  Do yourself a favor and read this book!


hearts 4

Flames 4

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