Review- Big Flight by Zenina Masters

big Flight


Molly has lived as a king vulture amongst condors. Her family considers her animal a profound disappointment and has ignored her until she finally decides that she has a right to a life and she wants it.

When she is at the Crossroads, she notices the man sent to reclaim her, and while she knows he is in charge of her clan, she isn’t quite sure what he is.

After they acknowledge mutual attraction, they spend a night together and have to work on the consequences when they shift for their first big flight together.


Cara’s Review

King Vultures aren’t pretty…but they shift into some beautiful people.  When those beautiful people turn out to be just as lovely on the inside, you have a story where you’ll be cheering the characters on.  The characters themselves recognize the Cinderella-ness of their story, and it is a wonderful fairy tale.  Molly Wexler and Damon Suel are a truly beautiful couple.  Now, don’t let all that romance fool you, because this is also one HOT read!

hearts 4Flames 51

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