From Me to You #Mylife

Happy Fourth of July!

Well, it’s been quite a week. I’ve been driving to babysit my granddaughter since they moved. I’ve rediscovered the joy of Legos, lol. And I’ve been a bit accident prone. Still no writing!

Since the girls moved out we bought a new bed and couch. They took all but one bed with them and the beautiful leather couch we bought just before my daughter announced she was pregnant pretty much was destroyed. By ‘cat’ nails, scratching, drawing on it. The lovely finish was ruined. The couch was still usable but I wanted a nice house! Now I can have it again. Toys in one bedroom ready to pull out when the critter comes to have sleepovers with grandma and grandpa. Then put them away again. No more toy vomit all over the house for years at a time. Here is me on my new couch! I sat down, had lunch and fell asleep on it for four hours!


If you look at my left leg, you can just see the edge of a bandaid. I ended up at the emergency room on Tuesday. I was removing carpet. Nasty twenty year old carpet that three different kids left their sticky, icky mark on. Since everyone finally moved out, I was cleaning up the room. First order of business was to tear out the carpet. I got half way through cutting it into strips and headed into the closet to separate that from the strip I’d just cut out so I could get the carpet rolled up and sliced through part of my calf. Didn’t hurt, but bleed something fierce. I dumped isopropyl alcohol on it and went downstairs to bandage it up. Looking at it, I realized the darn thing would need stitches. I slapped a band aid over it and headed to the emergency room. On  the way I called my doctors office, but all appointments were full. Not a surprise since it was 4:15 in the afternoon!

I ended up with five stitches. And I’ve been saying stitches are bitches since, lol.

Doesn’t look too bad, but it was the location! My skin wouldn’t close so they couldn’t glue it and it wouldn’t heal properly without stitches. It didn’t hurt at all until they numbed it. Still doesn’t really hurt once that settled down. But the sight of blood was turning my stomach. I took a series of pictures from beginning to end. As you can see it wasn’t a big cut but now I have to watch how I move so I don’t rip them out. So I’ll finish removing the carpet once it heals up. I get the stitches out next week Friday.

So starting Monday, since my daughters BF is on vacation and babysitting the kiddo, I don’t have to go out there. Except to help paint a room or two. So I’m going to sit down for an hour or two a day and get back to writing. I plan to finish Reviving Mara, A Dragon’s Fated Heart book four. China Fleet Club, a contemporary romance, and I’m aiming to have one or two shorts done by the end of the year. Publishing them might take a bit longer, but I’ll have them done and at my editors!

To keep myself occupied other than gardening, and cleaning, I’ve been putting together Legos. I just finished the Harry Potter Knight Bus. That turned out cool. Stephanie’s Beach House and a Jungle Play Set. Fun. My granddaughter and I like to build them together!

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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