Review- Explossive Passion (Sealed for You) Marissa Dobson

Navy SEAL Jared “Boom” Taylor is supposed to chaperone his best friend’s sister home, but with a car malfunction and an impending storm, the plan goes out the window. Finding shelter in an abandoned cabin, with the one woman he can’t get off his mind, is his chance to prove to her that military men are worth the added effort.

Boutique owner Wynn Diamond is on the verge of some exciting opportunities and with each new door opening things become more unnerving. Deciding to take refuge in a one-night stand to let off some steam, she never thought it would turn into more.

Could a one-night stand with a man in uniform actually be the forever she had been looking for?

Allyson’s Review
The SEALed for You Series is wonderful, sweet Series. This was Boom’ s Story, who was met in Ace in the Hole. Boom is a Navy Seal, who loves his job. He lives and breathes it. When home for his Best Friend, Ace’ s Wedding, he ends up taking Ace’ s sister Wynn home. Little does he know, that his world is about to change.

Boom has you falling in love with him from page one. He is kind supportive, charming, protective, thoughtful, sexy and romantic. When obstacles are thrown at him, your heart breaks for him. Marissa’ s style of writing makes you feel like you are living the book.

Wynn has you cheering for her from page one. She is strong, determined, caring, supportive and loyal. She has a backbone of steel. Her banner in this book kept you laughing but was a character easily admired.

This was an excellent Military Romance. It was a short but good read. The characters as well as the storyline flowed nicely. There was always a clear sense of place. Basically, A book that would be easy to recommend.

hearts 51Flames 3
SSLY recommended read

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