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I’ll Be Home for Halloween: A Hillingham Hollow Romance (Halloween Hearts)

$.99 cents 

by Elizabeth Myles 

This Halloween, lose your heart in Hillingham Hollow…

Welcome to Hillingham Hollow, a wholesome Texas suburb where romance abounds and real magic is rumored to be in the air.

As a teen, Clea starred on reality TV with pop star London Lange. She’d thought they were in love, but when the show ended, he left town and never returned. Years later, Clea still thinks about London. A lot. But she hopes someday she’ll learn how to let him go because chances are, she’ll never see him again. Or will she? Could a magical Halloween reunion spell their second chance?

Book 4: I’ll Be Home for Halloween

When Clea was fifteen, she dated a pop star. Not because she was a star herself, but because her family signed on to appear on reality television with a famous boy band. For most of her sophomore year, one of the boys, seventeen-year-old London Lange, lived in Clea’s attic. The handsome and charming singer ate meals with her, rode to school with her, and eventually pretended to be her boyfriend in front of the cameras. As awkward as all of that could be at times, it was nothing compared to the most horrible thing London did while he was in town. He stole—and then broke—Clea’s heart.

Now Clea is older and wiser, and she’s done her best to move on from the past and from the show. She’s keeping a low profile, focusing on her budding career as a journalist, and, for the most part, doing fine. She still thinks about London. A lot. But she hopes someday she’ll learn how to let him go because chances are, she’ll never see him again.

Or will she?

During one special, supposedly enchanted, Halloween weekend, Clea gets her secret wish and runs into London on the street. He looks almost the same, and yet no one else seems to recognize him. While his anonymity bewilders Clea, she has more pressing concerns at the moment, like getting to the bottom of why London is back in Hillingham Hollow all of a sudden, and what happened when he took off years ago. Why did he lie and break his promises to her? Why did he crush her heart? And while a part of Clea is afraid to ask, she can’t help also wondering…after everything that’s gone on between the two of them, can they ever have a relationship again? A real one this time? Does London even want one?

The avalanche of questions twists Clea’s mind and heart into knots, all the more so when she begins to suspect the answers might involve something…well, not quite of this world. Something supernatural…

You’re My Boo: A Friends-to-Lovers Halloween Romance


by Frankie Love 

We’ve had this tradition ever since we were kids.
Lucy and I pick out matching costumes for Halloween.
We’re best friends; we go together like peanut butter and jelly.
Thing is, I’ve loved Lucy since the third grade.
But she put me in the friend zone a long-ass time ago.
I want out.
This Halloween I’m making my intentions clear.
If she’s the light socket, I’m the electrical plug.
And it’s about to get charged…

Dear Reader,
Screw trick or treating, Noah is the only candy I need!
This alpha may be a player in Lucy’s eyes, but he’s ready to score the girl he’s always truly loved.
Grab a sucker from the candy basket and take a lick, sweetcheeks. You deserve it.
xo, frankie 

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Youre-Boo-Friends-Lovers-Halloween-ebook/dp/B08GGGM1D1/


Spells in the Night is a sweet & steamy short story with a curvy heroine and a prince of a hero. It is first in the Hot Halloween Nights series.

There are scarier things than ghosts, like falling in love. 

I was fine at home for the 100th Friday night in a row, but instead my bestie drags me along to the biggest Halloween party of the season at a mansion. 
And now I’m dressed as a ghost and I think I’m seeing ghosts. But that can’t be. 
I’m ready to leave when I trip over my makeshift costume and straight into a prince. 
Rex is tall, sweet, and could scare away every ghost with his tight muscles and foreboding aura.
But will I learn there are scarier things than ghosts, including falling in love. 

I’m supposed to be security for this event. 
But the host made me dress up, it was the last costume in the store, and now I’m fending off advances instead of watching for trouble.
When trouble falls right into my hands in the form of a lusciously curvy ghost. 
Caryn is timid and funny, and she’s no apparition, but she might just disappear on me like one.
Can I convince her that the ghosts might not be real…but I am.  

Hot Halloween Nights is a series of short and sizzling romances. Treat yourself to all the steamy stories
Spells in the Night – Brynn Hale
Naughty in the Night – C.L. Cruz
Secrets in the Night – Amelia Star
Bump in the Night – Liz Fox
Treats in the Night – Elsie James
Bewitched in the Night – Jane Fox
Boo in the Night – Kate Hunt
Tricks in the Night – Megan Wade

Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish: A Halloween Romance


A zombie. A vampire. A witch. Nora Travers is none of these things.

But the former mean girl has to hide behind costumes if she wants to scare the pants off Brendan, the horror geek with the power to make or break her haunted house. Because Brendan is the nerd Nora used to torment in middle school. But now he’s all grown up and so scary hot, even her zombie heart starts beating.And he’s looking a bit too long at her bloody fishnet stockings.Nora has to be everything she’s not this Halloween so she can hide her true self and terrify Brendan. Not to mention protect her heart.

Because what happens when he realizes she’s a monster behind the mask?

Brekk: A Fated Mates, Beauty and the Beast Spooky Halloween Alien Romance (Arixxia Fields: A Steamy Small-Town Alien Romance)


Brekk waited a lifetime to find his fated mate. When Isabella discovers his monstrous secret, will Halloween fun turn into her worst nightmare?


I love living on Hallion, but I miss my favorite Earth holiday—Halloween. What better way to fit into my new home planet than to organize a Haunted House in an abandoned meat packing plant? Bonus! The sexiest male on the planet just volunteered to help.


I’ve tried to keep my frightening nature a secret from my charming fated mate. What will happen when she discovers I’m the real monster in her fake haunted house?

This is book one in the Arixxia Fields series by USA Today Bestselling author Alana Khan. These novellas promise happy holiday fun mashed up with smoldering spicy romance.

Carnal Magic: A Dark Monster Reverse Harem Romance

I want to run—so he can catch me. And ravage me like the beast he is.

I inherited a mountain in rural Arkansas and three million dollars from a great grandmother I never knew. But all these riches pale in comparison to the amazing magic that surges through me as soon as I step foot on my family’s land. Evidently the women of my family are powerful witches who are gifted with carnal magic.

I’d planned to claim my inheritance, take a few pictures of the old family house, and then drive back home. But the small town of Sweetbriar Hollow and Redwine Mountain refuse to let me go. From the very first night, I have vivid dreams of a hot spring hidden in the heart of my mountain—with even hotter men.

They’re only the bait to lure me… to him.

An ancient god of darkness lies in wait, plotting his revenge on the Redwine witches who left him trapped all these years.

He knows me. He smells me. He hears every beat of my heart. He tastes me and burns to drink my pleasure again and again. His monstrous hunger will never be satisfied, and he’s been waiting for centuries.

For me.

Burn for Jack: A Dark Halloween Monster Romance


Don’t go near the pumpkin patch on Halloween night…

Jack Calloway is the pumpkin-headed boogeyman of Hallow Hill. As the legend goes, he was a man of wicked tastes, devilish allure, and had a knack for dark magic. He and his lover—my ancestor—were tried as witches and burned at the stake at the edge of Hallow Hill’s pumpkin patch.

Some say he made a deal with the devil to spare his lover’s soul and haunts the pumpkin patch to this day, waiting for her return.

“Don’t go near the pumpkin patch on Halloween,” they’ve always warned the women in my family. “Jack might get you.”
Too bad I don’t listen because I have to find out the hard way that ghost stories exist for a reason. And in Jack’s flames, I just might become one.

Burn for Jack is a plot-light Halloween-themed PNR novella featuring a pumpkin-headed monster with a wicked thirst for our heroine. This story includes dark themes such as bondage, violence, gore, dubious consent, bullying, and murder.

Tricks, Treats, & Teasers: A Halloween and Paranormal Romance Collection

$.99 cents

Trick or Treat?

Give me something hot to read…

Halloween. A time when ghost and goblins come out to play.

Let these devilish authors tempt you into a wicked good time as they take you on a journey where tricks are a given, there is always a treat in store and the teasing is hotter than you can imagine.

Alexi Ferreira “A Midnight Revelation”
C. J. Corbin “Love is a Spell”
Claire Davon “Samhain Surprise”
Cynthia Diamond “Hallowed Promise”
Ember-Raine Winters “A Halfling Halloween”
Jenn D. Young “Inked Dreams”
Joy Eileen “Matchmaking Ghost”
Naomi Springthorp “69 Johnson Lane”
Rayne Elizabeth “Learning to Exhale”
Tessa McFionn “Care to Dance?”
TL Mayhew “First Shift”
Tonya Clark “Hidden Sounds”
Victoria J. Hyla “Resonance”

Spooked by the Mountain Man: A Curvy Small Town Instalove Halloween Romance (The Mountain Men of Heartwood Book 2)


What happens when a city girl falls under the spell of a mountain man?

Rex is no saint, and he’s got the ex-military background to prove it. His mountain is the only place his demons leave him be, so that’s where he stays, alone.

But when Willow accidentally ends up on his cabin doorstep while trying to find her way to the notorious Halloween party on the next mountain over, his resolve to keep to himself is threatened.

Because that party? Everyone knows it chews innocent women up and spits them out, broken. The locals stay well away.

Willow is no local, though, and Rex isn’t sure he can stand by one year longer while his rich mountain neighbor gives peak dwellers a bad name — and gives women bad dreams for years.

But will Rex’s fears drive Willow away — and straight into the dangers of the party? And even if he does overcome his past to step in and defend Willow, will it be enough to save her?

Spooked by the Mountain Man is a steamy, over-the-top, heartfelt instalove contemporary romance short stuffed with spooky Halloween fun. Grab a PSL and settle in, because this is one cozy read you’re not going to want to miss. HEA guaranteed!

The mountain men of Heartwood have rough palms, thick beards, and big hearts. Join these stubborn, growly men of small town Montana as they find over-the-top insta-love with women they’d do anything to protect.

Let The Mountain Men of Heartwood series steal you away to a place of wild beauty where feel-good, mostly-standalone love stories are born. Happily ever afters guaranteed!

*Content warning: this book references sex trafficking and sexual violence, but does not describe either in any great detail.



Three years ago, on Halloween, Kindle lost her fiancé, LP (and her brother Kelvin), in a fatal car accident. Left behind to do life alone, Kindle lives every waking moment, thinking of her one true love while raising their child. Dreading the fun and spooky holiday of ghosts, jack-o’-lanterns, & trick or treat, Kindle strives to stay lifted for the sake of her daughter who enjoys everything about the particular time of the fall season.

The love Kindle has for LP never died. When asked what she would do if had the chance to see him again, Kindle claims she would do anything.

The only thing is, she doesn’t believe in the ‘unalive’ coming back to life…

Scared to Love (Holiday Love Book 1)


I was scared to love but now I’m falling fast.

I’m from a small town called Castle Falls.
I left after high school and never thought I’d return.
But I could never get Miles off my mind.
He was my hot friend, and it almost turn into more.
Until I had to split town without saying goodbye.
Now I’m back in town to save my sister.
She’s landed herself in a jam like I did in the past.
But soon both she and I end up needing help.
So, I’ve never been so glad to see Miles.
And not just because he’s here to rescue us.
But also because he somehow got even hotter!
Plus, there’s unfinished business between us.
I’m no longer too spooked to get close.
Physically, anyway. Emotionally is another story.
It’s scary to open up in that way, even for him.
When “love” has only ever hurt me in the past.

I love giving him my virginity.
But can I get over my fear of giving him my heart?

Scared to Love is a steamy second chance romance. Jamie Knight always promises to bring you a happily ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!

Filthy & Fertile: Age Gap Erotic Halloween Romance: Halloween Party with my Dad’s Sexy Boss


Special Halloween Story!!
I’ve been obsessing over my dad’s boss, saving everything for him. 

The Halloween office party is the perfect time to make my move. 

There’ s no way he’s going to be able to deny me when he sees the sexy costume I made just for him. 

I just hope we can avoid getting caught when things start to get super hot!

I’ve got it bad for one of my employee’s daughters

I know she’s off-limits and I shouldn’t want her like I do, but I can’t help it. 

When she corners me at the Halloween office party in the world’s sexiest costume, how in the hell am I supposed to say no?

She’s begging for it, and I’m more than ready to give her everything she wants!

A steamy hot forbidden age gap erotica romance with a sexy older alpha, a young and willing woman, and some wicked baby-making fun!

His Halloween Sweet: A Gay Halloween Romance


Witchy boys and handmade candy. Could Halloween get any sweeter?

Lachlan James is underwater. His family’s legacy, James and Co. Candy Company, never quite makes enough to stay in the black, and the Halloween rush he was counting on doesn’t seem to be panning out. It’s only by the grace of his side business, spinning witchcraft out of his back room, that he’s able to stay afloat at all.

So when a client comes in, ready to drop hundreds on a Halloween candy order, Lachlan is right on top of it. Doesn’t hurt that this client is flirtatious and adorable. It’s been a hot minute since Lachlan has been with anyone, let alone felt this level of immediate, animalistic pull toward another guy, and he’s ready to go far to keep a grasp on this storm of emotion as long as he can.

His Halloween Sweet is a low-angst gay novella with plenty of candy, a hint of magic, and a whole collection of very fashion-forward sweaters.

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