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Review- 69 Mustang – Kacey Hammell


Revved and Ready for passion, heat sizzles between two friends…

For Hayley Fitzgibbon, the heat wave blanketing her small town is nothing compared to the inferno inside her whenever she looks at her best friend, Rory. On the night of his parents’ anniversary party, she no longer resists her burning desire and makes it known how much she wants him. Secluded under a willow tree, down a lover’s lane, she’s revved and ready to claim her man on the top of his ’69 Mustang.

Crystal’s Review
When you want a quick read that will get you hot, then this is the book for you. When I saw the cover of this book I knew it would be hot. Another thing that made me want to read it was the title. There is nothing hotter than a mustang. That is something that is in my dreams.
Hayley and Rory have been friends all of their lives. What they don’t know is that they both have more than friendship in common. They both want a relationship with each other. Hayley decides to take matters into her own hands and makes a hot night on top of a mustang. If only they had told each other earlier than so much time wouldn’t have been wasted.
Great story and the only thing I didn’t like was I was left wanting more. I knew it was short and decided to read it anyway. I was glad that I did.
hearts 4Flames 4