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Windy City Tour ~ Beverly’s Sunday Adventure From Me to You ~ Giveaway

100_1983Windy City Tour
Chicago IL
September 22, 2013

What a beautiful day it was. There I was driving down the Kennedy Express-in electric mode! Chicago is the only city where as soon as I get near it my hybrid goes into electric. Nope nothing magical! TRAFFIC! Even on Sunday the roads are horrendous!

Despite the hour and a half trip from my parents house it was a beautiful drive. The sky was clear, the sun was shining and I was on my way to Windy City Tour! A book signing in Chicago at the Omni Hotel. A beautiful place for a wonderful event! Coming up you will meet some of the authors later on this year…

OOPS! No spoilers!

I got to meet some wonderful authors and truly enjoyed myself. I found out about Windy City Tour from a friend, Mayas Jarmarla Sanders. I met her and her sisters there. Gossiped with Juevatorj Sanders about Maya’s place 😀 A good time was had by all!

100_1994I met Tara Sivec and Tara’s Tramps! LOL! I don’t even want to repeat some of their stories! But if you ever get a chance to meet her-Go for it! I couldn’t resist getting Chocolate Lovers. 761 pages of sweet stories about Love, Friendship and inappropriate behavior. Really couldn’t resist that! Tara called it her brick. Definitely appropriate!

100_1985Denise Grover Swank was there. Oh my goodness! If you haven’t read her do so! I just finished Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes It is an amusing and entertaining book. I just loved Rose Gardner and her neighbor Joe is oh so sexy! He is such a good neighbor. He helps Rose check off number fifteen on her list! Eventually! I’m going to have to get the next. I can’t wait to read more of Rose! Denise handed over a book bag. She said I looked like my arms were going to break I was so loaded down with books. I asked her to sign it as a giveaway for our blog. So guess what it in the rafflecopter?

100_1988Debra Holland was a sweet and wonderful woman. I spent quite a bit of time talking to her. I just love her Montana Sky Series books! Squee! She had all of them there and a spin off of Sweetwater Springs, Mail Order Brides of the West. I’ve finished three of hers since Sunday! Sweet entertaining western historical romances with men that are men and the women who will set them straight! I really think I have to share. So keep reading, Debra gave me a signed copy of Wild Montana Sky for a giveaway!

Who else was there? Hmmm…

100_1987Liliana Hart with her to die for heroes! I had to pick up Shadows and Silk. It’s a MacKenzie family Novel. Need I say more? She also had the Addison Holmes Mystery series there. I snapped up Whiskey Rebellion and started laughing as I read the back. And no, it is not possible to drive and read…oh, and I have Two bumper stickers to give away!

My book boyfriend is hotter than your book boyfriend and Romance Readers do it all night long

100_1986Jasinda Wilder was fun and entertaining, best selling author of Big Girls Do It! Now you tell me. Could your resist this cover? Stripped, He’s a movie star sex god. She’s a virgin…and a stripper. I couldn’t! I have a signed door knob hanger ‘Shhh!!! Do not disturb! I’m with my book boyfriend’ Of course to giveaway!

Jana Deleon was a delight! You can’t miss her Mudbug series. I was strolling along and glanced at her table when I saw her series. I loved Trouble in Mudbug! It is free on Amazon right now! We talked a while and convinced me (well, I only had to read the back!) to give Louisiana Longshot a try. It takes place in Sinful, Louisiana!

100_1984Melissa Brown is a new to me author. She first published in 2012. I couldn’t resist Bouquet Toss. Who doesn’t love a Happily Ever After with an old flame? Such a very nice person, and we chatted about the Chicago area and moaned about the roads! (It always comes back to the roads in Chicago!) She is from the suburbs of Chicago so had to travel through the mess too.

100_1993Dina Silver was in attendance. I nabbed Kat Fight. She told me that the story of the book was based loosely on how she met her husband!

I had such a fun time that the three hour drive to and from Chicago was so worth it!

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