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Review ~ Heels and Heroes by Tiffany Allee

Heels and HeroesBook Title: Heels and Heroes
by Tiffany Allee

Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Reviewer: Cara

Brenda is a second-rate superhero, normally more concerned with uniform fashion than defeating bad guys. But when a violent, new super villain declares war against her city, she suddenly finds her specialized power to deafen sound in high demand.

As if facing the destructive force of a new enemy isn’t bad enough, she finds herself paired with the powerful, yet emotionally distant, Justice. Forced to work at the side of the only man who gets her heart pounding, Brenda is not only in danger of losing her life in battle, but also her heart to a man who might not be able to love her back.

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Cara’s Review:
What a fun book! Heels and Hero’s explores the lives of Superheroes- dirty socks and all. The people behind the mask, so to speak. Superheroes aren’t all created equal, and some powers are just better than others. Brenda aka Silencer has what is considered a weak or useless super power, despite coming from a power filled family. However, her “useless” powers become the most important in town when a super villain appears that she is uniquely able to deal with.

Brenda’s long standing crush on Justice (aka Justin) finally gets a real chance when she gets roped into the fight against the Howler. Some of the classic issues that comes up when an alpha meets a strong independent woman ensue, but even Justice has got to admit, Brenda kicks some ass.

I was really fascinated by this world, a more serious take of a world filled with Superheroes, reminiscent of Jennifer Estep’s Bigtime series, without the ridiculous puns. As a big time comic book fan, it gave me a glimpse into the real life worries of super heroes, showing that they are just as vulnerable as the rest of us.

Anyway. I thought this book was a great quick read, and would recommend it to readers who enjoy Urban Fantasy. It contains a heroine who is a hero in everyday life, trying to prove that she is also a hero in the world of Super Heroes; and a sexy hero. I am keeping my fingers crossed that more books will be forthcoming in this series….I want to know if Char can find some lovin!

hearts 4
Flames 4

Review ~ If Tomorrow Never Comes by Lisa Chalmers

If tomorrow never comesIf Tomorrow Never Comes
by Lisa Chalmers

Josh Collins has the perfect life—a beautiful girlfriend and a baby on the way, until an accident takes his life and he’s suddenly forced to fight for everything and everyone he loves.

Alone and pregnant, Avery Rhodes is suddenly faced with a painful new reality. Life without the man she loves is turbulent. Nothing feels the same any more without him and she finds herself facing the unimaginable.

With his newfound guide Gabriel, Josh is forced to learn what happens IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES.

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Allyson’s Review:
Wow! I don’t remember the last I have read a book that was so heartwarming and heartbreaking and the same time. This was a really good and powerful read but you need a box of Kleenex beside you, at least I did.
When Josh left home that morning, nobody ever thought it would be the last time, but he was killed in a car accident. My heart broke for him because he could see everything that was going on, on earth with Gabriel, his guide but really powerless to help. Because it wasn’t Josh’ s time he could go before the panel and fight for them to send him back and rewind time.
Reading this book, showed how Josh’ s death affected Avery, his girlfriend, his brothers, Alec and Blake, Josh’ s mom, Linda and Avery’ s best friend, Taylor. My heart broke numerous times though out this book, but it also makes you think. This was truly a touching read that I highly recommended.

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Review ~ Wolf At The Door by Sofia Grey

Wolf at the doorWolf At The Door by Sofia Grey
by Sofia Grey
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

An icy road, a wounded wolf, and a haunting lover she only meets in her dreams all weave together to thaw Lillian’s frozen heart. Sofia Grey knits an exciting, spicy tale of love and passion in Book 1 of the Snowdonia Wolves.

Love can heal all wounds…

Pop star Lillian Hart is determined never to trust another man. She has no idea that the wolf at her door is anything other than a wounded dog, much less the Alpha of the Snowdonia Wolf pack. There’s something about the wild creature that pulls at her. Then a man with her wolf’s eyes starts to invade her dreams, and reality and fantasy merge in a way that has her hoping, against all odds, for dreams to come true.

Lillian may have sworn off men, but Jake’s not just any man, he’s a shifter, and he’s about to shift Lillian’s world to make room for him. He vows to claim her as his Mate, and when Jake makes a vow, he keeps it. But Lillian wants to take it slow and Jake is not about to waste any time.

In this battle of wills, both discover giving in and trusting their hearts can heal even the deepest of hurts.

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Cara’s Review:
A snowy cabin, a pop star running away from scandal, and an injured wolf shifter: all the ingredients necessary for a hot, hot book. In this story, Lillian aka Ella Hart is a pop star rocked by the scandal of her boyfriend’s wife: one she wasn’t aware of. She flees to Wales to lick her wounds, and re-center herself. She almost hits a dog on the way up to the cabin, but narrowly misses him. Lillian is surprised when the dog (wolf) shows up at her door, in need of some medical attention. She’ll be even more surprised to learn he’s not what he seems.

This book was an enjoyable read, and a slightly different take on the werewolf reveal moment. I was pleasantly surprised by Lillian’s reaction, perhaps other shifters should take a page from Jake’s Book of How to Introduce Your Human Mate to Your Wolf. While Lillian struggles to accept the meaning of a Mating in wolf culture, Jake is able to give her the time she needs to process this monumental life changing decision.

There is some hot loving in this book, definitely earning itself 4/5 flames for hotness, but it’s not over the top. I’m hoping we’ll see more of the Snowdonia wolves in the future! It’ll be interesting to see how the Pack handles having a non-shifter Alpha mate!

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Book Blitz ~ Giveaway ~ Audrey’s Promise

Audrey’s Promise

By- Susan Sheehey

Publication Date- July 24, 2013

Published By- The Wild Rose Press

Audrey Allen is poised to become the youngest Texas senator, a position that fits her nickname, The Peacemaker. But she’s unable to make peace with many in her hometown, where memories and grudges run deep from a decade-old tragedy.  

Ethan Tanner, an ambitious and tantalizing journalist, joins her at Thanksgiving for an in-depth look at the promising candidate. But he has an agenda of his own that’s not entirely honorable. 

Ethan could stir up trouble for her budding career, or awaken the deep passions she’s buried for so long. Will Ethan find that he values love more than getting the story?

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1Night Stand ~ Another Night, Another Planet

Another Night1 Night Stand
Another Night, Another Planet
by Jessica E. Subject

Limited by status…

Ava is a housekeeper aboard Star Spirit, a luxury cruise ship travelling between the Milky Way and the Belvarian System. Coming from a middle-class family on Earth, she is considered by passengers as nothing more than an object to be tossed away when they’re done with her.

Shunned because of his lineage…

Banned from several planets across the universe, Nate struggles to run his interstellar shipping business. But the DNA of an exterminated race runs through his blood, giving him a diluted form of their powers, and leaving him labeled as a terrorist.

Both searching for the one…

Through her 1Night Stand dating service, Madame Evangeline matches these two together for a celestial escape on the pleasure planet, Elatia.

Will Ava and Nate find what they’re looking for, or will their date be just another night on another planet?

Another Night, Another Planet
1 Night Stand

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What Readers are saying:

“This hot little Sci-Fi Erotic Romance , was a quick fun read.” –Tawania Etheridge

“The characters all have so much feeling that it just jumps right off the page right into your heart.”– Nancy Allen

About the Author:
Jessica Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotica. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous.
When Jessica isn’t reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk. Fast. But she just may slow down if there is a waterfall nearby.

Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers.

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Enjoy the following excerpt for Another Night, Another Planet:

“What are you lookin’ at?” Wyn leaned over the side of his chair. “You? A dating service?”
He chuckled, his cheeks warming. “No. I just heard a woman mention it when I escaped through her room. She’d apparently used this service and was waiting for her date when I barged in.”
His friend stood behind him, clasping his shoulder. “I’m surprised you didn’t take advantage of the situation.”
“Didn’t have a chance.” Yet, he wouldn’t have. He refused to pretend to be someone else. A woman had to want him for him. He would no longer hide what he was.
“You should give it a try.”
The comment came like a kick to the nuts. Spinning around in his chair, he faced Wyn. “You’ve got to be joking. This woman sets people up on a one-night stand, but according to her clients, more often than not, the relationship lasts well beyond one night.”
“Exactly. You’ve spent all this time zooming around space, searching for someone. I think it’s about time you stop to find her.”
He clenched the arms of the chair. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m fully capable of finding my own dates.”
“C’mon. The women you find are willing to fuck anyone who asks. It’s all a ruse as you search for the one woman you’re pining over.”
“You think I’m looking for love? Yeah, right.” That ship had sailed a long time ago. Best friend or not, Wyn had pushed the boundaries of their camaraderie. Nate rose to his feet and shoved past him. “Stay out of my business.”
“If I did, you’d be dead by now,” Wyn shouted after him.
Nate slammed the door to his cubby behind him and pounded his fist against the wall. The fucker was right, Nate would have been killed numerous times if Wyn hadn’t come to his rescue. And perhaps he was lonely, always yearning to run into his one true love. But she resided on Earth, a place he could never return. He stripped off his pants and slumped onto his cot. The darkness helped to soothe his anger.
He thought of 1Night Stand. Am I ready to settle down? Is there really another woman out there for me? Madame Eve guaranteed one night. He huffed out a breath. No harm in trying. Yes, as soon as Wyn retired to his bunk, Nate would fill out the questionnaire.
What would happen after that? He’d let fate decide.