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Review- Love Lost and Found, Jean Joachim

What do a Marine who received a “Dear John” letter and a journalist who dumped her cheating fiancé have in common? Nothing, outside of being heartbroken over lost love. But when they accidentally end up next to each other jetting to a Caribbean paradise, they do share one thing: mutual attraction. Friendship between Tara Mason and Sergeant Mick Peterson grows quickly through a few dates on St. Thomas. An argument coupled with a blunder strand them on a small deserted Caribbean island.

In the midst of nothing but sand and water, possible starvation leading to death, old wounds heal. While working together to survive, Mick and Tara fall in love. Love found in their own private Eden is soon challenged in life-threatening ways when they return to the mainland. Long separations, danger and loneliness test their devotion. Is the love they’ve found strong enough to withstand what life throws at them?

Allyson’s Review
This is another great read by Jean Joachim and her co-writer Ben Tanner. Love Lost and Found was a great military romance story as well as a book filled with suspense. Mick and Tara both met on a flight to St. Thomas. Mick on a two week leave from Iraq where he was stationed as a Marine, he had just received a “Dear John” letter from his fiancee. Tara was taking her honeymoon by herself because had just caught her fiancee with another woman.
I fell in love with Mick instantly, he was charming, sweet, protective, loyal, sexy, a true gentleman, he loved hard and forgive easily. Tara was strong, but somewhat insecure. This was a wonderful read that I highly recommend. I was given an ARC copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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SSLY recommended read