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The Boss by Carlene Love Flores

The BossThe Boss
by Carlene Love Flores

Series: Romance On the Go
Release Date: July 22, 2013
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages / File Size: 41 Pages
Tags: Short Erotica

Source:  A copy from the publisher

Nick suddenly declares he’s leaving his singing career behind to enlist in the army. And the sexy yet stubborn man insists on a never before private meeting in Cherie’s hotel room before he heads out the next morning.  All this after she’s spent a year of her life working on his tour, and he’s barely said two words to her.
Cherie may be barely turning twenty-one, but her big brother’s best friend, Nick, is the one who needs to act his age.  The man is thirty-four, not eighteen.  So why the army and the selfless act of courage now?  When she finds out he’s acting on promises made to her brother who died in combat one year ago, she can’t stand letting Nick go without showing him one last night of extraordinary pleasure.  If she can just convince him she can handle it like a big girl, it might turn out to be one hot party for two after all.

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Crystal’s Review:
This is a short story but it makes up with the hotness between the characters.
Nick is more like an immature 14 instead of acting his real age. He has finally decided to keep one of the promises that he gave his best friend since he will be breaking the other one tonight. He is enlisting in the army and taking a break from his music career. He promised that he would watch after his friend’s sister Cherie and not touch her, but he will be making sure that he has at least one night with Cherie.

Cherie has been on tour with Nick for a year and he has not spoken but just a several words to her and not gave her any attention. When she finds out what he is doing the next day she knows she can’t tell him to go. She just can’t believe that he wants to spend his last night of freedom with her.

This was a book that shows the power of friendship and trying to do what you promised. But when you really love someone there is only so long you can go without them, especially if you might not make it back. This story makes you take a step back and realize that you never know how long you will have on this earth so you need to tell the people that you love your feelings. Take everyday as it is your last. I loved the ending and would read it again.

Reviewer: Crystal N.
Rating: 4 Hearts, 4 Flames

hearts 4Flames 4