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Review ~ The Alliance (Book 3 of Pride Law) by Loribelle Hunt

AllianceThe Alliance (Book 3 of Pride Law)
by Loribelle Hunt
Publisher: Etopia Press

Switching loyalties isn’t nearly as hard as losing her heart.

Morgan is one of the last remaining members of a once-proud lion pride. Orphaned at a young age, she and her brother, the pride’s rightful king, have fought long and hard to keep what’s theirs. But with their territory slipping away and an enemy at the gates, they’re forced to seek sanctuary—and an alliance—with the Savannah, Georgia pride. The last pride Morgan wants to deal with. Long ago, she’d shunned the king and his second—Isaac and Davis—and fled their pack after realizing they were her mates.

Isaac and Davis have spent ten years looking for the mate who’d left them, never imaging she was the daughter of another pride’s king. When fate drops her on their doorstep seeking help, they have no intention of letting her go again. But she’s fearful and suspicious, and she doesn’t seem to want to offer them her loyalty. Will helping her ravaged pride help them earn her trust—and her heart?

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Cara’s Review:
The Alliance is book 3 in the Pride Law series.

Morgana, Nathaniel, and Beth searched the South for a Pride that they might align themselves with, after their Pride fell apart after their parents’ death while Nathaniel, the next King, was only fifteen. Forced out of what was once their home territory by Victor, the malicious leader of the Miami Pride they ran back to Isaac Rivera’s Pride. A Pride that they had first come in contact with three years ago, when Morgana discovered that Isaac and his second, Davis Johnson were her mates.

Obviously, Isaac and Davis weren’t too thrilled that their mate had fled three years ago, and had been searching for her ever since. What’s a girl to do with two smoking hot Alpha males? I know what I would do…but Morgan is a bit more cautious, having her sister to protect, and scarred from what she witnessed in Victor’s home.

Another scorcher here, ladies and gents. It’s a hot read to see how Isaac and Davis convince Morgan that she is safe with them, that any abuse threatened by Victor will never take place by their hands. These werelions are super-duper Alphas, and of course, complete submission is the order of the day. Life tip: when two super sexy Alpha’s want nothing more than to cherish and love you, you say yes! In fact, you say, ‘Hell, yeah!’

The passion is hot, sexy, and fun. I’d strongly recommend this book to those who love shifter novels, and don’t mind erotic content.

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