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Review ~ All of Me by L.C. Wilkinson

All of meAll of Me
by L.C. Wilkinson

Former soap star Flick Burrows’ life is at a crossroads. After a tragic childhood she’s clawed her way to success and a kind of happiness. But at 38, she’s been jilted at the altar and is out of work. To cap it all, she’s being hounded by the paparazzi. A theatre tour around Italy seems to be the answer to her problems.

The director’s youngest son, Orlando Locatelli, a successful businessman and model, is introduced after the opening night. Devastatingly handsome, clever and driven, he is entranced and, despite a 15-year age gap is determined to have her. The attraction is mutual but Flick knows it’s a bad idea to get involved. He’s too young, too beautiful, too complex. But Orlando is impossible to resist, and he persuades Flick that there’s no harm in a casual affair.

Flick’s outward appearance belies her painful, damaged past. And Orlando hides a dark, disturbing secret. Recognising kindred spirits, their fling transforms into an all-consuming passion that neither can control, threatening to strip Flick’s carefully constructed life bare, revealing her deepest fear and desire.

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Crystal’s Review:
All of Me was a hot and steamy read but at the same time sweet. Flick was an actress who had come from the other side of tracks, and her one long time relationship ended badly. Flick just kept pushing forward, she was determined, strong-willed, courageous, forgiving and caring.
Flick was ready to write off men until Orlando waited on her in his restaurant, only to find that he was her new producer’s son. The next problem for Flick was their 15 year age difference. But the chemistry between the two was sizzling. Orlando was rich, demanding, arrogant, strong-willed but also loyal, charming, caring and supportive! This was a great read full of steamy sex and passion.

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