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Review ~ All of Me by L.C. Wilkinson

All of meAll of Me
by L.C. Wilkinson

Former soap star Flick Burrows’ life is at a crossroads. After a tragic childhood she’s clawed her way to success and a kind of happiness. But at 38, she’s been jilted at the altar and is out of work. To cap it all, she’s being hounded by the paparazzi. A theatre tour around Italy seems to be the answer to her problems.

The director’s youngest son, Orlando Locatelli, a successful businessman and model, is introduced after the opening night. Devastatingly handsome, clever and driven, he is entranced and, despite a 15-year age gap is determined to have her. The attraction is mutual but Flick knows it’s a bad idea to get involved. He’s too young, too beautiful, too complex. But Orlando is impossible to resist, and he persuades Flick that there’s no harm in a casual affair.

Flick’s outward appearance belies her painful, damaged past. And Orlando hides a dark, disturbing secret. Recognising kindred spirits, their fling transforms into an all-consuming passion that neither can control, threatening to strip Flick’s carefully constructed life bare, revealing her deepest fear and desire.

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Crystal’s Review:
All of Me was a hot and steamy read but at the same time sweet. Flick was an actress who had come from the other side of tracks, and her one long time relationship ended badly. Flick just kept pushing forward, she was determined, strong-willed, courageous, forgiving and caring.
Flick was ready to write off men until Orlando waited on her in his restaurant, only to find that he was her new producer’s son. The next problem for Flick was their 15 year age difference. But the chemistry between the two was sizzling. Orlando was rich, demanding, arrogant, strong-willed but also loyal, charming, caring and supportive! This was a great read full of steamy sex and passion.

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Review ~ Apocalipstick by Lisa Acerbo

by Lisa Acerbo
Publisher: Eternal Press

Life is bad after the apocalypse…the undead just made it worse.

Jenna should be having the time of her life at college. Instead, her one desire is survival. She lives in a world gone insane after a virus kills most of the population. Being alive after the apocalypse is bad, but when the undead return, hungry for humans, times turn darker. For Jenna and a small group of survivors, the goal is to reach the High Point Inn. At the inn, Jenna develops feelings for Caleb, who, while exotic and intoxicating, is not quite human. Will this new utopia last?

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Cara’s Review:
I choose this book on a whim, horror novels not usually my genre of choice, but I love post-apocalyptic books and movies, so I wanted to give it a try and all I can say is: this book is AWESOME! I loved the premise, I loved the characters, I loved the story…I just loved it! I can’t sing it’s praises enough. With some of the traditional components typical of the zombie apocalypse, there are also unique ideas and actions that keeps this book interesting and unique.

There is a super strong core of characters in the book, who work well together as a team both in terms of story line as well as actual teamwork. The main character, Jenna, is an awkward outsider, surviving in a group where playing well with others means the difference between life and death. Yet, we see peeks of a gentler and kinder Jenna, the one that was present prior to the outbreak. We are able to follow the characters in their attempt to attain the promised land, with plenty of action and devastation along the way. Jenna, Caleb, and Quentin form an interesting love triangle, between the old and new ways of life, with Jenna in the middle. I was very pleased with the way that it resolved, and really look forward to reading the next book in the series!

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a book a bit different than the normal urban fantasy/post apocalypse novel. It is a unique and enjoyable read.

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Book Tour ~ Incomplete ~ Lindy Zart


By- Lindy Zart

Expected Publication Date-September 6th

There are three absolute truths in Grayson Lee’s life:

1. His existence was a mistake.

2. No one is good enough for his best friend, Lily Jacobs, especially not him.

3. He loves her anyway.

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New Release ~ The Man Without Rules ~ Book Tour

Man Without Rules Tour (1)

Tyffani bassyebook1The Man Without Rules
Series-Without Rules Series # 1

By-Tyffani Clark Kemp


Expected Publication-September 5th, 2013


Sebastian Boa is “The Man Without Rules.” Rules just don’t apply to him. When he meets Mariss Red one night at one of his night clubs, he sets his sights on her and makes a play. But Mariss is married and she has no desire to lose what she loves for a one night stand. The harder Sebastian tries the more Mariss refuses and he realizes that his feelings for her may be deeper than he ever thought possible for a man like him. And he finds himself changing to be worthy of the one woman who has ever told him no.






“What are you doing?” she chuckled.

“Keeping my distance, since you’re losing your will to fight me.” He leaned both arms on the table and let her see into him.

“How are we supposed to do business with you so far away?”

Sebastian shrugged. “Shout.”

Mariss laughed and it was a happy sound.

“Come down here, Bassy.”

He liked it when she called him that. Sebastian admitted it to himself as he stared at her from the end of the table. What he wanted to do was take her mouth with his once more. He’d take her body on this table if she’d let him. The thought alone made him ache again.

Mariss stood. She punched a button on the wall and he heard the doors lock into place. Then she flipped a switch and the glass frosted. No one could see in or out.

“That’s handy.”

“Shut up, Sebastian.” Mariss crossed the room and sat on the edge of the table in front of him. She straddled his knees with her bare feet. Her toenails were painted a deep blood red. Sebastian stroked one toe, unable to keep his hands to himself. Mariss jerked it away, but when he looked up into her face she was biting her lip, trying to keep from laughing.

“Does that tickle?”

“Stop talking, please.”

“Why? Do you like it?” Sebastian reached up and twisted a strand of her hair around his finger. It was so soft. He leaned forward so he could press it to his nose. Berries.

Mariss was not gentle when she reached behind his head and pulled his lips to hers. She nibbled at his lower lip. Her fingers curled into his hair, tugging, pulling almost until it hurt. Sebastian growled and shoved his tongue into her mouth. If she wasn’t going to be gentle, he wasn’t either. He stood, pushing his chair back as he did. With a hand pressed to her back, he leaned Mariss backward so he could get at her neck. He scraped his teeth over the spot just below her ear that he knew she liked. She melted in his arms, moaning so loudly he almost checked to see if anyone heard. Her hips ground against his and there was no hiding the evidence of what she did to him.

Sebastian smoothed her hair back and kissed her again. He tasted her mouth, stroked her tongue with languid, savoring strokes. She pulled him closer so her breasts were pressed against his chest. He could feel her heart racing.

“Stop,” she moaned.

“Do you really want me to?” Sebastian bit her earlobe.

“Yes. Please. I can’t.”

Sebastian pulled back, but her fingers tightened in his hair. She kept him there, her lips hovering just below his. He could have her. He could take her right here in this room. She might hate him afterward, but she’d come back for more. They always did.

“Let go,” he commanded, his voice low. She let go of his hair as if burned by it.

Tyffani Clark KempAbout the Author-

Tyffani Clark Kemp has been writing since she discovered in the sixth grade that it wasn’t enough just to read about fantastic places, but she could create her own. She weaves small bits of herself into everything she writes whether it be a science fiction piece about aliens or a dramatic romance fraught with conflict and love. She lives in South Carolina with her family and her fluffy shii tzu-mix dog who thinks he’s a Saint Bernard.








Skin – Lydia Michaels – Interview with Mallory- August read of the Month


Interview with the heroine of Skin, Mallory:

Hello *finger waves shyly* I’m Mallory and I’m the heroine of Lydia Michaels’ second book in the McCullough Mountain series, SKIN. Boy, it sounds weird saying that. I’m a heroine… I’m really just an ordinary girl, nothing special, but I’m happy to be here.

How did you come to your author’s attention?

*Sighs* I suppose I came to Ms. Michaels’ attention because we have a lot in common. Apparently, I have a lot in common with a lot of women out there. You see, when you’re overweight, you sort of go through life thinking you’re the only one fighting these battles in your head, but I’ve learned that’s not true at all.
I went to the doctors in the spring and received a stern lecture on my health. I’m not a little overweight. Curvy I could deal with. He showed me this horrid chart and my age, height, and weight put me in the red zone. He said I was morbidly obese. That does something to a girl. I don’t like being labeled. I don’t think anyone does. Regardless, he scared the crap out of me. This happened on the tails of my friend’s wedding, another painful experience. As I caught the bouquet, being the only single lady in the crowd, I cringed, much like the man who caught the garter. My life has been full of little humiliating moments like that when people make faces and I pretend not to see them, but I know exactly what they’re thinking. She’s so fat. My mortification was complete when he couldn’t get the garter past my knee.
That’s when I started running. I packed up my apartment, said goodbye to my friends, and moved to the first place I could find work. I ended up in Center County, PA. It’s this little Podunk town in the middle of nowhere. Nothing like the city of Philadelphia where I’m from. That’s where Ms. Michaels’ McCulloughs are from. I didn’t realize when I trespassed on that mountain, coined McCullough Mountain, that my life would never be the same.

Did you give your author a hard time when she was writing your story?

*Contemplates the question and smiles softly* Lydia and I—I can call her Lydia now. We’ve been through a lot together—She and I struggled through many difficult obstacles that I think would be hard for anyone. There were times when we laughed and times when we cried. Since SKIN’s release, I realized she’s not the only one right there with me. I seem to make such a connection with those who read my story, it sometimes feels like I have a thousand friends out there who know what it is to hate the SKIN they’re in. It’s been an emotional journey, but in a good way. I think Lydia really enjoyed writing this story. I certainly enjoyed sharing it with so many readers who needed to find a heroine just like them.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a secretary at Center County High School.

Who is the love of your life?

I love my family, all of them, and there’s a lot! But more than anything…I love Finnegan McCullough. He is absolutely, irrevocably, without a doubt the love of my life.

What was the first thing you noticed about him?

*Sighs dreamily* How pretty he is. *Giggles* He hates when I call him pretty. Finn’s a lumberjack. Really. No joke. A real, live, flannel sportin’ mountain man. But he is pretty. That’s the first thing I noticed about him, but there is so much more. For as beautiful as he is on the outside, nothing can compare the beauty of his soul. He has the most beautiful soul I’ve ever known.

What’s your greatest fear?

*Lowers gaze and smiles sadly* My greatest fear is losing myself again. All of my life I hated who I was, thinking the person on the outside didn’t match the one on the inside. My mind was an ugly place. That happens, when you’re bullied for nearly thirty years of your existence. It took me a long time to realize I deserve love. It took even longer stand up to my demons and let myself be loved. There are a lot of cruel people in this world. My greatest fear is letting them win. They don’t get to win anymore. It takes courage to say, I’m not perfect, but I’m still beautiful. And courage, I’ve realized, is just another form of beauty. I must remain courageous, because I fear what the world would become if we let the cruel people speak over all the beautiful ones.

What’s your motto in life?

True beauty is on the inside.

Amen to that sister! And you are beautiful. How do the other characters in your book view you?

*Laughs* That’s an interesting question. I have no idea. The person they see isn’t whom I always see. I see someone with a stomach, flappy arms, wide thighs, and imperfections galore. Shhh, don’t tell Finn I said that. He’ll get upset and we’re supposed to go to dinner in a few. The McCulloughs *Smiles contemplatively, trying to think of a world spectacular enough to describe this family* I suppose they see me as funny, easy going, and sort of silly. They’ve all told me I’m beautiful. The funny thing is, at first I though they were all full of crap. Now…now I know they mean it. They see me as a friend, the beautiful kind they can count on for a laugh, a hug, and so many other things that make the foundation of family. They’ve helped me see myself for who I really am, someone quite beautiful.

What do you think reader will find interesting about you?

I think readers, no matter what shape, size, or background, will find it interesting how much we have in common. I don’t think any woman out there can claim they’ve never doubted their reflection. We have a habit of picking ourselves apart. We’ve all been told something that made us second-guess ourselves, made us feel ugly. I think it’s interesting how much ugly words can scar us and I think they will find it interesting how much we are all thinking the same things. I’m just the girl who decided to share those dark secret thoughts with the world.

What is the kindest thing you’ve ever done?

Forgiven myself. It took many years to forgive myself for being imperfect, but when I finally did…it became so simple to simply be. That’s probably the kindest thing I’ve ever done. It may sound selfish, but I assure you, I’ve put myself last forever. It was work, deciding to put myself first. And when I did, I finally started to heal. I finally started to live and was finally capable of loving, not just others, but myself as well.

Will we be seeing you in future books?

Yes! I’m not going anywhere. There are many McCulloughs *covers side of mouth and leans close to whisper* They’re like locust. McCullough Mountain is about family. Once a reader meets them, they feel like part of the family. Lydia makes sure every book revisits each McCullough.

What makes you happy?

My life. I definitely found my Happily Ever After, but you’ll have to read my story to find out how.

What makes you mad?

People who talk without thinking. In the span of a heartbeat, a person can say something nasty that sticks with a person for the rest of their life. In SKIN, I share many of these horrid experiences. It’s amazing. Being hurt can have such a lasting effect, it makes it almost impossible to hear the compliments that come later. There is no reason to say hurtful things, when kind words are just as simple.

When Finnegan McCullough gets a flat tire he bumps into a woman he’s never seen before. After a stern lecture on trespassing, he offers her a ride and a friendship takes shape. Mallory Fenton is unlike any girl he’s ever met. She’s funny, sexy as hell, and sweet as pie, but she doesn’t see herself that way.

After literally crashing into Finnegan McCullough, Mallory is a hot, tongue-tied, mess. A true lumberjack, he wears his flannel well and possesses the sexiest smile she’s ever had thrown her way. Unfortunately, men like that don’t look at girls like her. When Finn confesses his desire to be more than friends, Mallory is shocked. After years of being the ‘fat girl’ she knows better than to believe a man like Finn could ever find her attractive. But she’s gotten under his skin and Finn is determined to show Mallory how beautiful she truly is.

A realistic and heartwarming romance that proves love and beauty come in all shapes and sizes.

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Author Bio
Lydia Michaels is an award winning author of paranormal and contemporary erotic romance. She lives in Pennsylvania with her wonderfully supportive husband, beautiful daughter, and her two ridiculously spoiled dogs. After graduating college, Lydia married her childhood sweetheart and best friend then became a mother and quickly discovered her love for literature. The only hobby she enjoys more than reading exciting romance novels is writing them! If she is not off spending time with her family you can usually find Lydia at her computer working on her next story or hiding somewhere quiet with a great book. She loves taking a romantic plot with steamy chemistry and pushing the characters through an evolution of emotion by creating real life challenges any hero or heroine worth their salt could overcome. She presses the bounds of love and surprises readers just when they think they have her stories figured out. Her books are intellectual, erotic, haunting, always centered on love.


Shaky fingers unzipped her boots and she stepped out of them, shrinking three inches. She undid her jeans and slid them off her legs. Taking a deep breath, she removed her shirt and folded it on the corner of the sink.
It wasn’t easy to face her reflection, but with a slow turn she pivoted. Opening her eyes she tried to see herself, truly see her, the way Finn would see her. Her breasts were displayed in a satin, black bra, supported in a way they didn’t naturally sit. Her stomach curved in wrong places and her belly button was a crease rather than the petite hole that a super model might show off.
The black lace of her boy shorts scalloped the pouch of her stomach, making her, again, appear more feminine than she actually was. She would not start berating herself, not now when this was going to happen.
Her fingers unclasped her bra and away went the support and down fell her breasts. Her nipples darkened and tightened in the cool air. She had nice nipples, not to big and not too small. Not too dark and not too pink.
Her gaze landed on the jagged white scars stretching over her breast. She’d started getting stretch marks when she was a teenager. No amount of lotion or magic cream took them away and she, for the most part, tried to ignore them. Maybe he would ignore them too.
Her head bowed as she slid off her panties. There she was, as naked as the day she was born. Wide hips creased by gravity made it difficult to notice the small patch of soft, brown curls at her apex.
Her gaze flowed over her reflection and took note of her better qualities. Her nails were painted and filed neatly. Her makeup was subtle, but nice. Her hair was long and natural in color. For some reason, it became important for her to show him exactly who she was. There would be no veils or facades, not tricks of beauty or accessories to distract the eye. It was all or nothing. If he wanted her, that was exactly who he was going to get.
She emerged from the bathroom wearing only her robe. Her breath caught when she saw him sitting on the bed in only his jeans, his bare chest showing in the soft lamplight from the nightstand. He was stunning.
A fine trail of golden, brown hair ran over his abs, disappearing behind the unbuttoned snap of his jeans. On the nightstand she spotted the infamous box of condoms. Funny, not until that moment did it actually register that she was going to have sex. The physical act was second hand to all the emotional repercussions.
She hadn’t had sex in years. She almost forgot what it felt like. Chills skated up her spine as she drew the slow epiphany that whatever he was hiding in those jeans was going to be inside of her very soon.
She smiled and he reciprocated the gesture. With slow steps she walked into the bedroom. Taking one last look at the beautiful man sitting on her bed, her fingers went to the switch on the wall and extinguished the light.
Darkness settled on the room for only a second and then a soft click came from the bed as Finn leaned over and turned on the nightstand lamp. He slowly shook his head, telling her there would be no hiding.
Having her body displayed in light where unfavorable shadows could be cast was not a comforting thought. But the look in his eyes told her the idea of seeing her without shields was very favorable to him. She nodded in acceptance and he whispered, “Thank you.”
Her feet carried her slowly to the bed. Standing at the foot, she struggled with the tie of her robe. He stood and met her at the foot of the bed, touching her hands softly, stilling her motions.
She let out a shaky breath as he took over the knot and whispered, “Let me.”
Shutting her eyes, she nodded as the terrycloth lapels were drawn apart. He sucked in an audible breath and said, “Gorgeous.”
She bit her tongue so as to not object to the compliment and gentle fingers tipped up her chin. Soft lips pressed into hers and she shivered. The heat of his body covered her front as he stepped even closer. Tender lips coaxed her mouth open as he kissed her softly. Their heads tilted and her body warmed.
Strong hands cupped her breasts as his thumb dragged over her nipples. Her body tightened as he deepened the kiss.
The backs of his knuckles caressed her stomach causing her to slightly suck in a breath. He teased at the soft curls at her apex and she whimpered.
“I love your body,” he said against her lips.

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