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Review – Shiver –


He’s a wolf without a pack…
Graphic novelist, Aidan Harte, writes about the kind of heroes he knows he’ll never be. He’s returned to the forgotten gold mining town of Chatanika, Alaska, to scatter his father’s ashes and close out the bastard’s life. He plans to get in and get out without seeing a soul. That is, until things take a deadly turn.

She’s a raven who’s clipped her wings…
Raven Maiski’s thrilled Old Man Harte is dead. But she’s not happy about the return of his son, Aidan–her soul mate and enemy–who promised never to step foot back in Chatanika. If she doesn’t run him out of town fast he’ll uncover what she’s hidden from him.

When word of the miser’s death spreads, danger erupts in a hunt for gold that will either lead to redemption…or blood.

This book also contains bonus material on Tiffinie Helmer’s upcoming novel DEATH CACHE coming out on Black Friday, November 29th, 2013.

Tamara’s Review
Shiver was pimped (cough) I mean recommended to me by a friends, and dang her hide anyway. She knows There are not enough hours in a day to read all the good books out there, and now I have another author to add to my list!
Shiver takes place in Alaska and gives a wonderful look at the life and culture of Chatanika, a small town near Fairbanks. The first page and grabs hold of you until the end. Shiver provides both external elements of suspense. From a bear trap,a hit over the head, shots fired,kidnapping,murder, mystery and a hidden stash of gold. Then we have the internal suspense, will Aiden and Raven reconcile? Does Fox know who his father is? Will Aiden finally find what he’s looking for?
The characters are well drawn. I really felt like I knew them all by the end of the story. The back story was well told and cleverly interspersed into the storyline.
I really enjoyed Shiver and will definitely be purchasing the rest of the Romance on the Edge Series.
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