Archive | May 16, 2020

From me to you

I’ve finished the second round of edits on my story Mama Said. It will be coming out mid summer. I’ll share the cover once we are able to do so. By that, I mean when it is done. In the mean time, my writing other than that is suspended.

My daughter bought a house! She moves away from home in a month, so we’re getting her stuff together, going through it and soon will be boxing it up. In the meantime, the mudroom is filled with empty boxes, the dining room starting to fill with full boxes. So, my house is in an even greater mess than normal. Plus we’re looking at paint colors for her new home.

Today my husband and I got my first garden plot tilled. He took over when the rototiller dragged me across the lawn, lol. I’m doing a second plot, but have to finish clearing the wood off of it. My other rototiller was smaller and easier for me to handle. I think I’m going to take it in to get it fixed and possibly sell the bigger one if it is repairable. So, the plot we tilled today (I supervised, lol) will be for sweet corn, carrots, turnips and broccoli. My second plot will be for tomatoes, pepper plants, red cabbage.

The front of the house will have my sweet peas, green beans and strawberries. My granddaughter is so excited because the strawberry plants have an almost ripe strawberry already. We put up fencing for the peas to climb last weekend. In the meantime, they are climbing on my tomato cages. I guess I’ll have to buy more! Or improvise.

So, until the end of June, I’ll be packing and painting and moving the girl child. I’ll still be babysitting three times a week, but I should have more time to get my books out. I’m determined to finish and publish Reviving Mara and China Fleet Club. As long as not anthologies catch my eye, lol. They’ve been sidetracking me for the past year.

In addition, I’m working on more short stories for The Road to Eden. The first story, The Road to Eden, was published in ‘We know the truth, do you?’. The second story in the anthology is Mama Said, the one I’m editing now.

I’ve a short that I plan on extending, Love Me Still, coming out July 18th in the anthology Take Two. It is a spin off from Love Me Forever. Grab it now while it’s on Pre-order. The book will be out only for a limited time!

Title:Take Two: A Collection of Second Chance Stories
Writers On The River Charity Anthology
Genre: Second Chance

Release Date: July 18, 2020
Cover Designer:J M Walker with Just Write. Creation and Services.
Image Donated By: Eric McKinney of 6:12 Photography
Model: Jon Salvador

Pre Order Today!!