Archive | May 2, 2020

From me to you ~ More #Dragons!

I’m in edits for a new story for an anthology coming out this summer. My short will remain with no name until we announce the anthology. The cover is in the works, the name of the anthology is up in the air! LOL. Crazy, right? But fun! My newest story in edits brings you a second story in my Scifi romance. I’m working on multiple shorts in this series and will publish them as The Road to Eden when I am ready!

Here is the awesome cover.


While I am waiting on edits, I’m working on Reviving Mara, Book 4 in A Dragon’s Fated Heart series. You meet Indra and Mara in Saving Grace. Her name is Tamara Phillip and she is the daughter of the doctor the dragons wake up. So if I keep my butt in gear Reviving Mara will be out later this year. I already have the model for the cover and the artist that did Saving Grace will also be doing Reviving Mara. Now that I finally found a title.

So, more dragons. Always dragons!

Stay safe and healthy!

Mother of dragons signing out to get back to writing!