Under His Protection


Under His Protection
by KC Rice
Genre: Romantic Suspense
“A story of reckoning that walks a fine line between vengeance and obsession….”
They killed his brother. They stole a piece of his life and got away with it.
Antonio “Parker” Denoti has dedicated his life to bringing down the man responsible, Mano Torret, the boss of one of Chicago’s most notorious crime families.
His only hope lies with Cashenna Ramsey, a beautiful young woman- unwittingly sucked into Torret’s web of deception and crime- who agrees to testify against him. Now Parker must keep her alive long enough to take the stand.
Cashenna is taken into protective custody and whisked away to a secret location. Under Parker’s protection, he was certain she was safe. But when he arrives at the safehouse, he finds nothing but bloodshed and bodies.
His team is dead, and his witness – missing.
Under His Protection, promises to be a suspense filled, action packed romance, full of desperation, hope and passion.

Book Trailer:


The mastermind behind the New, Hot, and Steamy Tattered Series Books.
Not tied to just one genre, K.C. expresses her talents in many different forms- Romance, Suspense, Mystery and Poetry.
K.C. enjoys sharing her incredible imagination with her readers.
K’s thoughts on the subject, ” I want to be able to help my readers to escape the humdrum and stresses of everyday life. To pull them inside my stories. To feel, experience and fall in love… or lust. And to miss the characters when the book is over- to leave them satisfied, yet hungry for more.”
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3 thoughts on “Under His Protection

  1. Thank you so much for your support!
    I must say I experienced many emotions writing #UHP. In the shadows lurks a different powerful enemy… unfortunately one that hits close to home for many, including me. My son’s childhood best friend lost his life to this enemy as have many others. The pain and anger that courses through my heart was the very reason I wrote about it. I wanted to educate, I wanted to feel the pain one last time and finally let it go through my words.
    One reader described UHP as a roller coaster of emotions. So, sit back, fasten your seat belts and hold on.

    Much Love,

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