Review- Big Bad Wolf, and Andrea’s Overlord – 2-1, Michelle Marquis

Two great erotic paranormal romance novels in one edition from bestselling author Michelle Marquis, including:

BIG BAD WOLF: Eleana the werewolf has a very depressing problem; she hasn’t been able to change into her wolf form in all of her thirty-two years. What the heck is a woman supposed to do with an issue like that? It’s not like she can take a pill and the problem will clear up in a week or two.

But Eleana is about to discover her problem runs much deeper than she originally thought. She’s a shifter all right, but she’s certainly not your garden variety werewolf…and the alpha male she attracts is down right beastly!

ANDREA’S OVERLORD: Life has not been kind to Andrea Quill. Born in a world where vampires breed humans for pleasure, she has the bad luck to be smart and independent. Unfortunately, those are qualities that get humans killed. When Andrea is pledged to her first master things look even grimmer for her. That is until she is forced to spend her first night with vampire assassin Mikel Hellborne.

Mikel Hellborne has the best of both worlds. He is both a vampire overlord and an assassin. But when he meets the strong-willed Andrea even this jaded overlord can’t let the rebellious beauty die.

Cara’s Review
I liked getting both of these books together. I haven’t read anything by this author before but I did enjoy what I read so I will be looking for her books now.
In the first book we get to me some Dire Wolves and I would like to know more about these kind of wolves. Eleana wants to know why she has never shifted. Her brother Steven is the pack alpha and she has reached the age of 32 without her wolf making herself known. Things change when she meets Gregor, Nick, and Boris. It seems that her wolf has finally decided to come out and play. When she finds out about her past she doesn’t know what to think.
In the second book we get to meet Andrea and Mikel. Mikel is a vampire and humans are breed at a camp to be their playthings. I never thought I would read a book where vampires where in charge. Since I love vampires I would have to say that if I found someone like Mikel to teach me about pleasuring and wanted me to be his I would say take me now.
Even though these books were short and I would like to know more about them , I did enjoy them. The author did a great job on making me think outside the box and what everyone else writes about. I can’t wait to read more books by this author. I would give both books

Heart half1hearts 4Flames 4

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