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Review – Halloween in Paradise by Tianna Xander

When Gabriella decides to stay in Paradise after her plane crashes, she didn’t expect to fall in love with one man, let alone two. Now that she’s established herself as the local loony writer, can she stop herself from dreaming up plots with herself as the heroine and her two hotties as the heroes in her own hot romance?

Vincent and Corbin first arrive in Paradise a week before Halloween. They can’t believe they found not only a town full of shifters, but their long-awaited mate. Can they convince the beautiful and talented woman to claim them and leave her new home in Paradise?

Cara’s Review
I’m honestly not quite sure how I missed this book…I have all of Ms. Xanders’s books, but someone how this one sneaked past me. I was delighted when I came across it for a couple of reasons. First, the Paradise Series is super cool; there are in jokes and running stories that make you laugh as you read through them. Second, when I say there are hot mating scenes, I mean, HOLY SMOKES!!! Third, there are shifters….need I say more?

While you can read Halloween in Paradise as a stand-alone, I think you’ll be much more in the know if you read some of the other novellas first. Like I said, lots of little jokes, and arc stories (who is stealing those ice sculptures?). However, if you’re looking for a hot read, by all means pick this one up. This book also introduces a place similar to Paradise, which will be featured in stories all its own.

Gabby found herself in Paradise after her plane crashes in the area (see, if you had read the other books, you would know what happens to the others rescued from the plane!). Two shifters passing through the area stumble upon her while she is sitting in the local diner. Vincent Rouchue and Corbin Lyon haven’t specifically come to Paradise to find their mate, but they are certainly thrilled with their good fortune.

One big question mark in my head though, is that Gabby states that she had been in a week long relationship with two men in her past, but when Vincent and Corbin ask her about it, she says she’s never been with two men. Maybe that week long relationship never got to that stage? I don’t know.

Regardless, I strongly recommend this book to followers of the Paradise series, or if you like shifters books and are seeking something a bit different from the norm…fair warning though: these books are hot and erotic. May not want to read it on the subway on the way to work…
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